Beyoncé’s Target Visit in L.A. Has People Pissed They Weren’t There

If you’re like us, you frequent Target as much as you go to the bathroom

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Photo: Twitter/Saraahcity

If you’re like us, you frequent Target as much as you go to the bathroom. We’re there practically every day — no joke! Target has EVERYTHING you could ever possibly need at relatively inexpensive prices. But we’d like to think of Target as a place for everyday folk, not say the queen herself, Beyoncé. However, that’s exactly what happened yesterday!

A picture of Beyoncé at Target went viral on social media when the queen was seen shopping like a regular person at the Westwood, Calif., location. From the picture it looks as if Bey was shopping in the baby aisle, perhaps looking for diapers. But why would she have to be shopping for diapers? Doesn’t she have a crew of people who do that for her? Of course, she does, but records show that Bey loves to shop at Target, just as much as we do!

People on social media could not get over the fact that she was there. Even celeb Chrissy Teigen joked on Twitter. “I can just send you my new knives!!”

One person tweeted: “If I saw someone like Beyoncé at Target, I would probably assume that my facial recognition was on the fritz and I was just seeing someone fortunate enough to look like her. Seeing people out of context messes with me.” Yeah, we’d probably assume that we were seeing things too.

Others on social media were so upset that they weren’t there at the exact time that she was, especially because they go to Target all the time. @MissLeslieG tweeted “I WAS JUST INFORMED BEYONCÈ WAS AT MY LOCAL TARGET TODAY I WAS THINKING OF GOING BECAUSE I NEED NEW SONICARE BRUSH HEADS BUT THEN I GOT TOO BUSY GODDAMNIT THIS IS DEVASTATING.”  @saraahcity tweeted: “Beyonce was at my Target today so the only obvious & natural thing to do was go and honor the ground she walked on.”

Hilarious! What would you have done if you saw Beyoncé at Target?

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