Beyoncé’s Former Drummer Is Accusing Her Of “Extreme Witchcraft”

It’s one thing to be all about the bruja life, but it’s quite another to be into witchcraft

Photo: Unsplash/@farreal

Photo: Unsplash/@farreal

It’s one thing to be all about the bruja life, but it’s quite another to be into witchcraft. Self-empowerment, healing, manifestation is what being a bruja is all about, but putting curses on anyone is just plain wrong. That’s exactly what a former employer of Beyoncé is accusing her of.

Kimberly Thompson, Beyoncé’s former drummer of seven years, is alleging that the Queen B herself is putting curses on her. She also went as far as attempting to put a restraining order against her. The Blast and Pitchfork are reporting that these allegations aren’t something to laugh at but quite serious.

According to The Blast:

[Thompson] “claims that for some reason, Bey has started a campaign of harassment against her, that includes ‘Extreme witchcraft, Dark magic’ and ‘Magic spells of sexual molestation.’ She also claims the ‘Lemonade’ star murdered her kitten.”

On Sept. 19 an L.A. court denied Thompson’s request for a temporary restraining order, Pitchfork reports, but another restraining order hearing scheduled for October 11.

We’re pretty certain Beyoncé’s legal team will have all of this straightened out, but we can’t imagine she’s not losing it over these seemingly insane allegations. Anyone suffering with mental health issues deserves respect and sensitivity, we only hope Beyoncé’s team will show Thompson some kindness and perhaps help.

Thompson is a dedicated and talented drummer. Aside from her work with Beyoncé she has also had gigs on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” among others.

Here’s a clip of one of her shows.

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