30 of the Biggest Fashion Trends for 2020

Each January 1, we give ourselves permission to start over, to reinvent ourselves yet again in the pursuit of personal perfection

Photo: Unsplash/@photosbychalo

Photo: Unsplash/@photosbychalo

Each January 1, we give ourselves permission to start over, to reinvent ourselves yet again in the pursuit of personal perfection. For 2020, this marks not only a new year but a new decade where all sorts of adventures and successes are bound to take place. Are you dressed for the occasion, amigas?

We looked at the runway looks for 2020, checked out Pantone’s on-trend colors for the year, and peeked at what will be the “it” accessories. Here’s a curated, must-see, must-share list of 30 of next year’s biggest fashion trends, so that you will be in the know.

Classic Blue

Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020 is Classic Blue. Chances are, you already have something in this timeless, chill shade, but it is also so easy to find everywhere, at various price points.

Handcrafted Touches

A trend seen on the Spring/Summer 2020 runways is handcrafted details. There was intricate embroidery, patchwork, lace, and other finishing touches that usually require human skill. Art like this instantly elevates the garment and celebrates old-school industries that are in danger of disappearing.

Chunky Combat Boots

Lace-up combat boots will be one of the go-to footwear choices for the new year. The trend keeps in line with the huge 1990s revival that has been back for several seasons, and the shoes add an edgy grunge/punk layer to outfits.

The Revamped White Shirt


The classic white shirt is another timeless wardrobe piece that is back, but it is being revamped for 2020. Runways showed the collared button-up cropped, with cut-outs, and with all sorts of other tweaks to give it a fresh, new look.

Puff Sleeves

Along with the ’90s, there was a strong ’80s current that made its way through several 2020 collections. One of the biggest nods to the decade of Dynasty is the puff sleeve. This was seen in various forms, from a slight poof to an all-out volume. The detail makes everyday tops look so much more feminine and chic.

Chunky Link Necklaces

We always like to see what the latest trends are in terms of accessories. A look you saw in Fall/Winter of 2019 that will still be going strong in 2020 is the chunky link necklace. It packs a punch and manages to balance itself between glam luxe and tough badass perfectly.

Updated Classics

We saw with the white button-up shirt, but there is a larger, overall trend of classic garments being updated for the new decade. Suits, polo shirts, Bermuda shorts, and more are getting the fashion revamp with cool results.

Bold Suits

Suiting for women is one of the big trends for 2020. There are plenty of more traditional looks, and edgier, fashion-forward options for those who seek a whole new version of the boardroom staple. Another trend within this trend, pictured here, is the coat dress. Here’s to power dressing, 2020 style.

Wide Belts

A belt instantly cinches the waist, and adds a layer of chic to any outfit (even puffers). We are happy to announce that the wide belt will be a thing for 2020. Have fun seeing all the ways the addition of a belt will add new life to your existing wardrobe pieces.

That Euphoria Sparkle

The show Euphoria has proven to be a trendsetter for the latest beauty and fashion trends. The sparkle seen on the show made it onto the Spring/Summer 2020 runways with glitter, sequins, and tons of shine.

Saffron and Marigold

Saffron is one of the hues chosen for Pantone’s Spring/Summer 2020 NYFW Color Palette. It is a rich pop of yellow that was definitely seen on the runways for next year. Marigold, which may be considered the same color, but sometimes goes more towards the yellow side (as opposed to the orange), is another popular choice.

Polka Dots

Knowing the patterns that are in fashion for a particular season is just as important as knowing the key colors. Polka dots are going to be everywhere (you may have already seen them everywhere!), so you may want to think about a fun scarf or other accessories, and/or garment in this vintage yet trending pattern you may want to get. Added bonus? Polka dots are forever classic, so you can hold on to whatever you buy forever.

In Your Face Florals

Florals are expected come spring, but these are on another level. For 2020, flowers will be big, bold, and in  your face. It’s a fun departure for those who like florals but want something a bit more fun and edgy.

’90s Platforms

So many elements from the ’90s are back in style, from the hair flip, to chokers (yes they’re back again), and square-toe shoes. It is safe to say that in 2020, 90s-style fashion is going to be everywhere including platforms, from platform boots and other closed-toe shoes, to platform sandals.

Punchy Macaron Pastels


Pastels are also back again for the spring season, but these are much more vibrant and fun. Think macaron hues across the rainbow. These colors will automatically add a cheery pop to your neutrals, or you can even go monochromatic with one selection!

Colorful Sunglasses

We are going into 2020 with a lot of color, which is great. Even sunglasses are being revamped with fun, colored lenses. Again, these little pops automatically add fun and cheer to so many neutral outfits, and draw even more attention to a dope set of frames.

Neon Green

Neon has been on-trend for many seasons, but there has always been a stand-out color. There was the hot pink moment, then super bright highlighter yellow, and now it’s all about neon green. Pair it with black and/or white for a bold contrast, go monochromatic with it, or dare to pair it with other bright hues.


The athleisure craze has allowed style to go hand in hand with both function and comfort, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon. One feature of sporty clothes that has found its way onto the runways is drawstrings. You will see them at the waist, on sleeves, and obvious enough to be seen and appreciated.


The 1970s is another decade that is being featured a lot in 2020 beauty and fashion trends. One look that is being brought into 2020 and modernized is patchwork. You will see garments featuring patches of different fabrics and patterns, for an effect that is boho, country, and DIY-feeling all at the same time.

Square Toe Shoes


Remember the square-toe sandals, boots, and other shoes from the 1990s? They’re back and in a big way. They’re the perfect finishing touch for those ’90s outfits that are also on-trend, like spaghetti strap tanks with midi skirts.

’80s Looks

The 80s will be alive and well in 2020. You will see elements such as strong shoulders, bubble hems, shiny printed fabrics, gold lamé, and ruffles.

Bucket Bags

Want to know one of the must-have bag shapes for Spring/Summer 2020? It’s the bucket bag. It’s a style that is classic (which makes it a smart investment piece), stylish, and tends to fit many daily necessities.

Extra AF Ankle Boots

Another shoe trend you are going to see in 2020 is embellished, colorful, extra AF booties. The idea here is more is more; these shoes will provide that needed dose of oomph to everything, from a white tee and jeans to a chic LBD.

Leather in Relaxed Silhouettes

Leather is a fabric that is trending for the new year. But it is made more modern as part of relaxed, cool silhouettes instead of traditionally more form-fitting ones. Think billowy coats, chill jumpsuits, and paper bag waist pants.



Another trend you will see in 2020 is lot of netted fabric. It’s great for layering and showing a bit of skin, and totally reads 80s/90s.

Grape Compote

Another 2020 Pantone color to be on the lookout for is Grape Compote. Purple is a regal hue that looks wonderful on those who are cool-toned, the color is great as a winter hue options, and it pairs wonderfully with so many neutrals.

Striped Knit Dresses

Although the above photo is a sweater and skirt combo, it is indicative of the tendency on 2020 runways to see head-to-toe stripes. You will be seeing a lot of striped dresses, which totally bring to mind that super-trending decade yet again–the ’90s.

Mary Janes

The sweet and ladylike, and sometimes grunge shoes that brought the 1960s into the 1990s are back–Mary Janes. They’re a go-with-anything shoe that has a version for most every style–high-heeled, chunky soled, ballerina-like, mod, and more.

Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts have been around forever, but recently were given a chic makeover. If you haven’t already in 2019, you will be seeing these longer shorts in all sorts of iterations, from casual to one half of a suit, to all-out luxe.

Big, Layered Chokers

You may have put away your chokers, but it’s time to bring them out again. The striking and classic super short necklace is back for 2020, but this time the width is wide, the vibe is big, and you are even being encouraged to layer them.

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