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This Curly Hair Blogger’s Message About Latinas Embracing Their Natural Hair Is Everything

The curly and natural hair movement has gained plenty of momentum recently, and it’s in part to many women and men sharing their stories and personal journeys on social media. Those bloggers who are reconnecting with their roots (literally) are empowering others to leave behind the flat irons and relaxers and embrace what their momma gave them. Unfortunately, in many households, particularly Latin homes, it was Latina moms or abuelas who gave their daughters’ a complex about their God-given hair texture. But one curly hair blogger has a strong message to any self-hate promotion stemming from mamí’s: ENOUGH!

Blogger Farah Pink shared a powerful message about changing the cultural conversation around hair.

She wrote:

“Dear Dominican moms, teach your daughters how to love and care for the hair they were born with. Don’t refer to their hair as a “pajon,” don’t take them to a hair salon and force a relaxer on them when they’re too young to understand the damage it will cause. It took YEARS for my hair to come back to life after all of the heat/chemical damage I put it through. The natural hair journey is long and difficult at times, but if you put in the work I promise the rewards will come. The number one thing this journey has taught me is the importance of self-love. I am more than enough! I am magic and so are you.”

Farah’s words were met with strong agreement by her followers. One individual commented, “my mom never embraced my curls. She would do rollos (sic) and relaxers alllll (sic) the time. We both learned to love my curls together.”

A statement such as Farah’s is one we need to hear more of. We’re at a point in society where it feels as if we’re constantly being told about our flaws, that we definitely don’t need anything other than love and support coming from the home. Eurocentric beauty norms are pushed on women of color all the time and we’ve had enough. Hopefully with women like Farah and the countless other bloggers and influencers encouraging people to embrace their true, natural beauty, we can change cultural opinions about what is truly considered beautiful.