28 Books You Need to Get Your Life Together

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Let’s be real — adulting is hard. We are taught everything since birth, and once we become adults, we are expected to know and learn everything else. It’s a really sink or swim mentality that can leave a lot of us anxious, confused, and depressed. Once we reach adulthood, the resources available to us for life guidance seem to dwindle and we are conditioned to believe that asking for help is immature, weak, and unnecessary.

But that’s not true. Every day we are learning, and we need guidance every step of the way during our life journey. We may not want to talk to someone face to face all the time about our life concerns, but advice is always appreciated. This is where the well-written self-help book comes in. It’s all the information you need to reset your life’s vision, path, and mindset, all in one handy, portable book. The following are 28 great books whose goal is to help you get your life together, m’ijas.




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