5 Books to Teach My Son to Embrace His Latinidad

I am Latina, but I live in a predominantly white neighborhood, in a predominantly white city, in the middle of white America. My husband is white, nearly all the friends I’ve made in town are white, and 99% of my son’s school is white. My son is half-white, but he’s also half-Latino and I want him to know this, understand this, and feel this within himself. I want him to grow up proud of his Latinx heritage, to speak Spanish and enjoy arroz y frijoles and large family gatherings as much as he enjoys chicken tenders and Nascar races with his dad. One way I’m hoping to help him with this is through books. My kiddo loves books and I know that there are many books out there these days that aim to help kids like mine embrace their Latinidad. For the other madres out there trying to ensure they pass on la cultura, check these books out:

La Cucarachita Martina retold by Hector Cuenca

Cucharita Martina

I remember this story from my own childhood and it’s still going strong today. This classic folktale is told throughout Latin America about a little cockroach woman named Martina who is approached by numerous suiters to become her husband. When she finally does pick one though, things get complicated. If my son is going to understand his heritage, I know I’ve got to show him about our colorful folklore.




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