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Bravo Announces “Texicanas,” A New Show About Latinas in San Antonio

If you’re hooked on Bravo’s slew of reality shows like I am, you may have wondered where the heck are the brown people!? The lack of Latinos on TV is pretty significant, even more so when it comes to reality TV  — but there is a small shift occurring. Bravo is debuting a new reality show featuring Latinas from Texas, and it’s called Texicanas.

Now, this new show — which debuts May 7 — comes on the heels of Bravo’s other reality show called Mexican Dynasties. I have yet to watch Mexican Dynasties but I did sort of like Made In Mexico featured on Netflix. Both of those shows focus on Mexican nationals. But Texicanas is all about Mexican-American women, for the most part anyway.

Okay here’s the gist of the show, according to Bravo: “This sisterhood of Mexican-Americans is bringing us their margaritas, mariachis, and larger-than-life Texas glamour…with a twist on their Mexican roots.” Are you intrigued? I know I am! The show takes place in San Antonio, and unlike other reality shows, this one is all told from the perspective of one person — Penny Ayarzagoitia.


“Everyone knows everyone in San Antonio,” Penny, who has two sons and owns a real estate company, says in the preview. “Especially if you’re Mexican.”

Here’s a bit about the other women on the new Bravo show: Mayra Farret is a pretty rich, fancy lady and known as the “perfectionist,” Lorena Martinez runs a construction company, Anayancy Nolasco is the only non-U.S. citizen on the show, Karla Ramirez and her Greek husband own several businesses together, and then there’s Luz Ortiz, who is also a real estate agent (like Penny) and owns and a successful boxing gym.

After reviewing the preview, which I initially wrote off as a dud, I came to the conclusion that I probably will watch the show. I love how the women are speaking bilingually, and I also love how dramatic they get. What’s reality TV without the drama? Boring! One woman is cursing in Spanish, and the other is telling the other one off. It’s so true to life! Okay, I say that playfully, because at the end of the day it’s reality TV so who knows what’s real. It’s just so refreshing to see Latinas on Bravo! Will you watch?