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Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Ensures Women Rights Don’t Matter In the U.S.

By voting to confirm Brett Kavanaugh — a man accused of sexual misconduct many times, by a variety of women, who is so full of rage and entitlement — the senate is not only telling survivors that they don’t matter, but they are telling all women that we don’t matter. Our stories don’t matter, our experiences don’t matter, our choices don’t matter and most deeply, our voices don’t matter. Women’s right don’t matter.

Kavanaugh is apparently a fall down drunk who regularly blacked out as a young man. He is also a man so spoiled, so groomed to expect everything to go his way, so entitled, that he spat disdain at anyone (including Senators) who would dare deny him what he sees as his birthright, a seat at the Supreme Court. I’m sorry but the last time I checked, if I were at a job interview in which they had to do repeated background checks in order to verify my alcoholism or history of sexual harassment, I’m pretty sure I would not get that job.

No matter what the FBI investigation (or lack thereof) found, Kavanaugh demonstrated to us all with his rage-filled hysteria at his hearings that he lacks the necessary judicial temperament to sit in such a position of power. He cried, he yelled, he interrupted, he even inserted a totally unfounded and, quite frankly crazy-sounding conspiracy theory about how the Clinton’s were somehow behind all the accusations of attempted rape, sexual misconduct and even accessory to gang rape that were thrown his way.

It is a sad day in this country when so many women can some forward with such similar stories about one man and be totally ignored. What are we telling our daughters with this confirmation? What kind of an effect do we think this is going to have on survivors in the future? We’ve all seen firsthand that if you’re a white, rich, connected man in the United States, you can basically do whatever the hell you want no matter if you have sexually assaulted people, stolen money, or all of the above (see President Trump).

On another terrifying note, think about the example we are setting for our little boys. They are learning that their actions, particularly as young men, basically have no consequence. That they can act out and harm others when they are teenagers and just chalk it up to “Boys being boys.” I’m not sure about you but I don’t want to raise my daughter or my son in a world that doesn’t hold boys accountable. It’s bad news all around.

Perhaps what bothers me the most about this whole fiasco is how it has demonstrated just how ludicrous our country has become. It’s not about Republicans or Democrats at this point. It’s about right and wrong, plain and simple. If you really are so jaded that you think a women would blow up her whole life just for five seconds in the media spotlight or because of some political motivation then you have deeper issues you should talk to your therapist about. Women have been second class citizens for hundreds of years in  western society, but you would think as we evolve and “progress” that notions of equality and fairness would prevail. You would think that we would continue to become better humans. But for the past couple of decades (with the occasional blip of goodness, Thank You President Obama) it seems like we’ve descended further and further into this weird alternate universe where our President says things like some White Supremacists are “good people,” while all Mexican immigrants are criminals and rapists and it’s A-Ok.

I’m truly at a loss to understand how we got here, other than to say that the one thing we can be truly grateful for is the fact that the current political situation has emboldened the misogynists, racists, and homophobes to come out in full force to show their ugly faces. So instead of making excuses for these people, or GOD FORBID, rewarding them with more power like becoming the freaking President or a Supreme Court justice, how about we call them out, hold them to task and get them all out of every seat of power they hold?

The only way we can even begin to smoke out these monsters is by VOTING. So please, don’t just Facebook, Tweet and Instagram your rage away. Make sure you and every single one of your friends is registered, and go vote in this midterm elections. It’s the only way we have even a glimmer of hope of setting things right for the kids.