15 Bridal Style and Beauty Trends to Look Out for This Year

It may differ according to where you live, but May and June for many is the start of wedding season

Photo: Unsplash/@photosbychalo

Photo: Unsplash/@photosbychalo

It may differ according to where you live, but May and June for many is the start of wedding season. It’s when the flowers are in bloom, the weather starts to warm up, and everything outside looks beautiful. What better backdrop to celebrate love? Regardless of you when you plan to celebrate your wedding, you no doubt want to be in the loop when it comes to the latest and greatest bridal trends.

That’s why we did the research for you and put together a handy guide with 15 of the top bridal fashion and beauty trends that were seen on the runways for Bridal Fashion Week. Thankfully, there are a lot of trends that you can easily take and interpret in your own way for your special day, without breaking the bank. Check them out!

Fancy Feathers

There was a definite shift in bridal wear and accessories towards more detail and glam looks for 2019. Luxurious deets such as feathers were seen everywhere for this season. Some bridal gowns feature a demure feather trim, while others, like this one, are full-on feathered. Another way to incorporate this trend is through feathered accessories.

Something Blue

An old school wedding tradition that’s been around for a while is the bride carrying something blue on her big day. Designers took this trend and translated it to bridal dresses. Like the feather trend, some designers opted for small touches of blue, such as blue ribbon straps, while others featured full-on blue dresses in all kinds of beautiful shades of the color. Speaking of blue, apparently navy-rimmed eyes is yet another blue bridal trend for 2019!

Effortless Hair

Many have credited Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex with popularizing this gorg but easy trend for 2019. Messy updos, like the one she sported on her royal wedding to Prince Harry, were seen on many bridal models. Relaxed braids and romantic, beachy waves are other variations of this trend. The idea is to look effortlessly beautiful.

Captivating Capes

Veils are beautiful, but not for every bride. Another way to add the drama and floaty, romantic feel that a veil offers is by buying into another big bridal trend for 2019 — capes. You can opt for something sheer and simple, or one that is super ornate or made from a solid fabric.

Large, Feminine Bows

Bows instantly make any outfit they go on more feminine. Bridal gowns have had featured bows on them for ages, but they are prominent on dresses for 2019. Many are oversized and bold, in a vintage, 1950s glam type of way, while others are more demure and Audrey-Hepburn-esque. This is yet another trend that you can implement into your wedding — in your own way, of course!

Antique Regal Opulence

There is no limit to how elegant, ornate, or extra you can be at your wedding (within good taste, of course). This is definitely apparent in one of the year’s big bridal trends. Many gowns were a nod to Versailles, Louis XIV, Marie Antoinette, and old regal styles (again, this most likely was a response to Meghan Markle’s royal wedding). This means ruffles, large puff sleeves, royal inspirations, ornate embroidery, voluminous skirts, and tiaras.

Rosy Makeup

It is often said that a bridal beauty look should look like you, but just a bit better. Some brides opt for super glamorous, heavy makeup just because they feel they have to versus going for a softer look that actually enhances their natural beauty. Thankfully, there is a wedding beauty trend that is softer, and oh so pretty. Rosy makeup is definitely a thing for 2019. It also falls into the monochromatic bridal beauty trend. Think a shimmery eyeshadow, a flushed cheek, and a rosy pout. Another bridal trend is the even more natural, no-makeup makeup look.

Shimmer and Shine

If glam is your middle name, this is the perfect year to get married. Bridal offerings featured so much in terms of beaded embroidery, shimmery and shiny fabrics, glitter, and mirrored textiles. Shine is in! It automatically makes any outfit look luxe and glamorous, and elevates any wedding dress into fancier territory.

Headbands, Hair Bandeaus, and Tiaras

It’s no surprise that the royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry set off an array of popular wedding trends for 2019. Another example of this is the headband/hair bandeau/tiara trend. There are so many options to choose from, and they all give something extra for those who want to ditch the veil or create another look for the wedding reception.

Disco Glam

With all the opulent fabrics, ornate details and old-school references, it’s no surprise that the disco glam of the 1970s and ’80s is a major bridal trend for 2019. Throw on that jumpsuit for the ceremony or reception, choose silver over white, go for a voluminous sleeve, or add just a little hint of the trend here and there. Have fun with it! It is a party.

Geometric Patterns

Some of the most beautiful dresses in bridal for this year feature intricate details that don’t have to be metallic, or in different colors. An otherwise subtle white dress becomes a striking work of art when geometric details are added to it. The severity of the lines add bold interest and draw the eye to the dress.

Center-Parted Hair

Center-parted hair has been a strong trend in beauty for a while now, and it is also a big thing for 2019 brides. You can go slick and severe with a sleek ponytail or low bun, or soft and romantic with a messy updo. A center part also draws attention to the center of your face, and its angles, and is just universally classic and pretty.

Dramatic Sleeves

After season after season of strapless gowns (which seems safe to say, aren’t going anywhere, but are less popular than before), it’s always fun to see what else there is in the world of bridal. There are sleeves! And this year, all kinds of big, statement-making, voluminous sleeves were the part of the bridal styles du jour.

Silver or Bronze Eyes

If you want to add a little glam, shimmer, and shine, you don’t have to change your wedding dress. Add it to your beauty look! Silver and bronze are on-trend colors for brides in 2019. You can swipe a silver eyeliner on your eyes, or create a gorgeous bronze smoky eye for the perfect metallic touch.

Luminous Skin

It’s always a beautiful thing to have, but luminous skin was a beauty trend for brides this year. You are glowing inside, so you want your face to reflect that! Luminous skin makes you look healthy, young, and happy, all the good things that marrying your soulmate will make you feel.

High-Low Hems

In 2019, high-low hems are a bridal thing. They put a twist on traditional wedding gowns, and instantly make the whole look more youthful. And, it makes it so much easier to walk, dance, and show off those fabulous shoes! You really can’t go wrong with this cut!

Bronzed Skin

The final big bridal beauty trend for 2019 is sunkissed, bronzed skin. It makes you look healthy, hides any imperfections, and looks so flattering. You can opt for a swipe of bronzer on the cheeks and anywhere else where the sun naturally hits your face or a full-on body bronzer that will make it look like you just got back from vacationing on a tropical beach. Try to go for a natural-looking shade that looks like you just hit up the beach minus the burn.

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