7 Brujas Share How They Spiritually Spruce Up Their Work Space

Whether you go to an office everyday or work from home, you can spend anywhere from 6-8 hours a day in that particular workspace. If you tally those hours up in a lifetime, that’s a long time, so why not make that space as inspired and energized as possible?

Keep in mind that as the seasons change, so might your workspace needs. Just because you rely on a salt lamp in the winter doesn’t mean it has to stick around throughout the entire year. Switch it up! If you don’t know where to start, don’t fret. These 7 brujas and Latina feminists share what they keep in their workspaces and why.

Brujas of Brooklyn

Brooklyn-based Afro-Latina identical twins Griselda and Miguelina, might be Yoni womb healing experts but they both have to sit at a desk at times and get work done. To get those positive vibes flowing, they rely on stones, always stones. The Dominican brujitas like to stick to white (to keep space clear of mental clutter) or black obsidian to ground the energy in the space. Plus, they both help with concentration.

“If I have enough privacy, I keep a glass or bowl of water. Preferably with camphor (alcanfol) because it cleanses air, which is great if you don’t have windows,” Gricelda  says.

They often keep these things in a corner, as an altar, and make sure to make a spray that has Agua de Florida, sage and peppermint oil to help open up a space. You can use cinnamon or Ylang ylang oil to sweeten up your space.




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