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How to Choose the Right Tarot or Oracle Card Deck for Yourself

So you are totally down with tarot and oracle card decks but you’re not quite sure which deck to purchase. As we mentioned previously, oracle decks are great for short term type of questions that require you to do some inner reflection and soul searching. Tarot cards on the other hand, are great for long term type of questions that speak to your overall life journey.

So now if you’re ready to make a purchase, but still not sure which deck to buy, no worries there’s a deck out there for every personality.

The Moon Deck

If you are an on-the-go type of chica who doesn’t have time to learn what each of the 78 cards in tarot represent, check out The Moon Deck. Their intuitive deck is simple, creative, and straightforward with your guiding messages.

Connected and Free Oracle Deck

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You know… sometimes I'm just overwhelmed with the love, support and kindness of others. . . And always inspired by the incredible people within the Inner Hue village who bravely and boldly put themSelves, their hearts, their truths and vision on the line. It's a scary thing to do. But it's liberating and rebellious and soul affirming. . . And I support every person who is hard at their game. Fighting the inner dragons that tell them they can't. I support those who are deep in their inner shit, doing the work while at the same time honing their craft. . . Spectators can either cheer and support while they are building their courage to get in the game. Or they criticise. If you're experiencing the criticism – drown it out. I believe in you. . . Love grows more love. Belief grows more belief. Put your faith in your dreams not your fears. . . And let's do this! Raise ourselves, raise our communities and raise our standard of Light higher. . . . Ps – meet @leamacka – she's a total rebel with a heart of gold. She's clever, sassy and love filled and she's doing some pretty powerful things..creating some epic alchemy and putting herself on the line. Go sus her out. 🌟

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If you want a deck for your daily meditations, check out the Connected and Free Oracle Deck.

Sacred Journey Oracle Deck

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FIND WHAT INSPIRES YOU AND GIVE IT THE ADORATION IT DESERVES. ========= Muse: To be the source of inspiration and/or to meditate. ========= You can be the person who inspires others, be the person who inspires yourself or find something that gives you the inspiration juice you need to cultivate and manifest what you want to create. ========= Find the medium that resonates with you the most. ========= Are you a visual person? A reader? Someone who needs to physically feel their way through something? ========= Be in your “element” and then seek out those things that “speaks” to your imagination. ========= Ask yourself: -What inspires me and why? -How can I surround myself with my muse? -What do I need to integrate this into my life? -Who do I want to inspire? -Why do I want to inspire them?

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If you are an entrepreneur who wants to channel for guidance and clarity, check out the Sacred Journey Oracle Deck.

Ostara Tarot


If you want to do a reading to help you navigate a specific life situation, such as a relationship or career move, check out the Ostara Tarot.

Keepers of the Light Oracle Deck


If you are somewhat religious and want to gradually integrate divination into your spiritual practice, check out the Keepers of the Light Oracle Deck, which draws together Ascended Masters, spiritual deities, and beings from many world traditions.

Illest Deck


If you’re into pop culture and want a funky deck that you can relate to, check out the Illest Deck.

Starchild Tarot

If you love all things creative and want to work with a quirky and artistic deck, check out the Starchild Tarot.

Tarot of Vampyres Deck

If you are doing shadow work and want to dig deep with your inner reflection, check out the Tarot of Vampyres Deck. While dark with gothic artistry, this deck is great for tapping into your own spiritual awakening.

Ghetto Tarot


If you’re socially conscious and want to have a deck that is more inclusive, check out the Ghetto Tarot.

Animal Spirit

If you live by the #noexcuses hashtag and want to leverage intuitive readings with your hustle and grind, check out the Animal Spirit deck.

Ceccoli Tarot Deck


If you are already familiar with divination decks and you want to step up your intuitive work, check out the Ceccoli Tarot Deck. This deck is best for those who are pretty familiar with the Major and Minor Arcana cards since the imagery on these cards can be challenging to extract insight from. This deck is also quirky and doesn’t fit all personalities but if you’re up to the challenge, you will find it to be an interesting reading experience.

Womanifesting Deck

If you are looking to connect with the divine feminine energy, check out Abiola Abrams’ Womanifesting deck.

Cosmos Tarot and Oracle deck


If you want a deck that supports artist collectives, check out the Cosmos Tarot and Oracle deck, which was created by 100 international artists.

She Wolfe

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Card results ~~ 1 ~ Ten of Wands: At the moment, we may be feeling uncomfortable in our own skin. We may be engaging with things that are not in full alignment with our truth. Behaving in ways we know aren't good for us, being consciously or unconsciously destructive, passive, apprehensive. Perhaps there is an assertion we need to make, but pleasantries take over. Perhaps we are afraid of our own freedom and potential. Whatever the case, we are being asked to redesign our relationship to ourselves. This is an opportunity to shed what no longer serves us and move into something harmonious. Two ~ Six of Cups: We cannot truly understand joy without knowing pain. We cannot truly understand pleasure, either. When we endure difficulty in life, we grow the wonderful ability to experience empathy. Walking a mile in someone else's shoes, realizing they are just like us in many respects. That lesson is timeless. Use this empathy to deepen your intimacy with the people in your life. Three ~ Hermit: It may be time to go further inward and explore that inner territory. Especially during the holidays, there can be a great deal of input (unwanted in many cases) from friends and family. The only voice that truly matters is yours. When you can, take a step back and meditate on that voice within, the one that holds your best interests at heart. Xx

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If you are a seasoned reader who wants to work with an awesome indie deck, check out the She Wolfe tarot deck.

Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck

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12/20 Daily #guidance #oracle card! What Is Already With You~ You hold in your hand that which you seek. In other words, the pair of spectacles you have been rummaging around the house for, are sitting on top of your head. What are you seeking, perhaps by exploring far and wide, is actually right under your nose. It is important for you to know that you already have what you need and what you want. That doesn't mean it's the end of the story, although it does ask you to give up the fantasy that a perfect solution lies in the future somewhere. Instead it asks you to acknowledge that everything necessary for success is with you now. This oracle comes with special guidance for you. You are more ready than you think you are. You are more prepared than you realize. You don't need an entire army of resources to move ahead- although you may find that when you do move, many resources suddenly become apparent. Be brave. Dig deep within. And enjoy the sweet surrender. ❤✨ #whatisalready #acknowledgement #appreciation #innerwisdom #lifeexperience #knowledge #acceptance #growth #potential #success #happiness #blessed #grateful #spiritualjourney #support #sacredrebelsoracle #northeasttarot #oraclereadersofinstagram

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If you are a healing professional and want to integrate decks into the work you do with your clients, check out the Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck. The guidebook for this deck will give you more than enough to help with your coaching or healing services.

Whether you’re a go getter type of chica who doesn’t have time to learn the entire tarot deck or an artsy entrepreneur who wants to do readings for her business, there’s no short supply of decks for you. You can also check out the #tarotreadersofinstagram and #oraclereadersofinstagram hashtags to find out what your fellow brujas use.