11 CBD Beauty Products You Must Try

Source: Unsplash

It seems as though every year a new beauty trend enters the market promising to change our lives forever. Sometimes it’s an ingredient and other times, its a process — like lasering and using LED lights. Either way, it can always be very hard to keep up.

While we’re not 100 percent sold on the necessity to follow every beauty trend, we do like to have a little fun when the more interesting trends hit the market. This year, we’ve tapped into one clean, mostly vegan trend that is sure to calm any of our beauty and skincare anxieties because — it was literally made to do just that.

Enter cannabis. No, we’re not encouraging you to smoke or eat it. Unlike the people who peer pressured others in high-school, this time no pressure is needed because cannabis is on the beauty scene with a promise to heal your body from head to toe.

We took a deep dive into countless new cannabis beauty products and made a short list of our absolute favorites, which promise to change the game on your beauty routine.




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