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The Central American Refugee Caravan Watched An Outdoor Screening of ‘Coco’

While most of us are dressed up today, eager to celebrate Halloween, there’s a whole world out there experiencing unimaginable trauma. For at least one evening the Central American refugee caravan that is on their way to seek in asylum in the U.S. were able to forget about their worries and anxiety for an hour or two during a special screening of Pixar’s Coco.

Last night, several reporters that are documenting the journey of the caravan tweeted about this incredible moment. “Migrants watch Coco movie while others patiently wait in line to be served food coordinated by municipal government of Juchitán de Zaragoza in state of Oaxaca in Mexico traveling to US in caravan,” photojournalist Nick Oza, tweeted.


As journalist Alice Driver noted, the screening was powered by solar energy.

This wasn’t just all fun and games, as these reporters noted, but a moment of some peace while some lined up to eat and others were getting medical attention. Freelance writer Martha Pskowski also tweeted that: “Half the crowd is watching Coco on a big inflatable screen and the other half is in an assembly to vote for their representatives. That’s the big, scary caravan at the moment.”

That last portion of her tweet is especially poignant because as we know the President of the United States claims this caravan is full of criminals and terrorists.

The truth is among those men are many women and children, including a woman with a newborn baby. Yet still, Donald Trump thinks that sending 5,000 troops to the border is somehow supposed to scare them from halting their journey and turning back. The president fails to recognize that he doesn’t need troops to scare them from going back, this long and difficult trek of walking thousands of miles is scary in itself. They understand that many of them won’t make it to the border, let alone qualify for asylum.

The wonderful part about this group screening Coco just days before Day of the Dead is that Miguel’s message in the movie is unforgettably to “seize your moment.” That’s exactly what they’re doing.