Cardi B Met Anna Wintour. So Give Us Her Damn Vogue Cover Now!

Sitting front row at Fashion Week is like the epitome of cool

Photo: Twitter/MatthewSchneier

Photo: Twitter/MatthewSchneier

Sitting front row at Fashion Week is like the epitome of cool. It signifies that you’ve made it. That designers need you, and that camera flashes love you. So it’s no surprise that star of the year, Cardi B, is a full-fledged fashion darling — which means she naturally must sit in the front row.

Cardi, looking as fly as ever in wearing leather Steve Madden boots and an Alexander Wang  cape-like trench with a leather turban, attended Wang’s New York Fashion Week fall 2018 show and was seated next to the queen of fashion: Anna Wintour. But before we go on any further, it must be known that each front row person is seated in a specific place. That tells us that Wang’s PR minions knew exactly what they were crafting: a meeting of heavy-weights.

So, how did the exact moment Cardi B met Anna Wintour go down? Thanks to social media we also had a front row seat to this spectacular moment. Although, we don’t know the entire play-by-play— like what was actually said — we can report that Anna smiled, which is extremely rare. Like the chances of Anna smiling is an odd you’d never want to bet against. But there it was: a smile from the Vogue reigning chief. And, interestingly enough, Cardi looked unfazed. Looks can be deceiving, but our girl was so damn cool and classy and we’re so in awe of her. Truly!

Cardi did smile at one point, and looked flawless as the two posed for pictures, but we’re still so taken by this moment. Let me explain why: Here is the head of Vogue (and creative director at Conde Nast) and our homegirl from the Bronx, Cardi B. It’s like two completely different worlds colliding.

But the amazing thing of all, is that Cardi is in her world now, and Anna is definitely in Cardi’s too. AMAZING!!!

Now we’re just going to have to wait for Cardi’s Vogue cover, but we won’t wait long. Come on Anna, get on it!

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