Cardi B Opens Up About Taking Offset Back After he Cheated
Photo: Instagram/iamcardib

Cardi B’s Ex Asked Her To Take Him Back Onstage, Fans Called It “Toxic”

On Saturday, Cardi B performed in Los Angeles but was upstaged after her ex, rapper Offset, surprised her with a plea to take him back. The Bronx rapper was billed as the headliner of the “world’s largest hip-hop festival,” which is a huge accomplishment considering she is the first woman to ever headline it. But that incredible moment isn’t what had people talking. Offset’s “improv” moment took over her entire performance.

“I just want to tell you I’m sorry, girl,” Offset said to Cardi in a moment captured by everyone. “In person, in front of the world. I love you. Whatever I’ve got to do.” He had props and everything, including a sign that read: “Take me back Cardi.”

You could tell she wasn’t happy by this public display of harassment that was clearly planned out, at least by his team (and her’s). People aren’t allowed to just bum rush the stage.

The moment went viral, and fans, mostly women, had a lot of feelings. At the show, some fans could be heard saying “don’t take him back. Once a cheater always a cheater.”

“Tonight should have been about Cardi *headlining* the Rolling Loud festival,” a fan wrote on Twitter. “Instead it’s all about what this dude did & how she reacted. No convos about her performance. In fact, it’s stealing thunder even from other performers tonight. That’s selfish AF. That’s manipulation.”

“Please stop bullying Cardi B to take Offset back,” another fan said. “That relationship is so toxic. Imagine being in her situation and being cheated on and mentally manipulated with and you finally say enough is enough but the whole world wants you to continue to be in that toxic relationship…”

As if Cardi B didn’t have enough to worry about, she took to social media to address the matter and said people should be respectful of her and Offset. She said that just because she’s defending his actions, doesn’t mean she’s going to take him back. But also added that she doesn’t know what the future will hold.