Cardi B Is Unapologetically Not Cooking a Thing on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving should be a time to be with loved ones and share memories

Cardi B Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving should be a time to be with loved ones and share memories. So why does it feel like the most stressful time of the year? There’s so much pressure that revolves around conflicting political views, hanging around that crazy relative who gets drunk too fast, and, most of all, the food! We have to worry about what to cook, how to cook, who’s allergic to what, and still, have the added strain about whether people will like it. You would think the most boss woman in rap would be totally chill about Thanksgiving, but we’re relieved to know that Cardi B feels the same pressure as we do. That is why she’s saying no to all of it.

In an interview with People magazine, Cardi B said she is spending her Thanksgiving this year with her in-laws in Atlanta. She, baby Kulture, and her boo Offset will be breaking bread with his family, and Cardi informs she isn’t contributing a dish.

“I could help mash up the potatoes, know what I’m sayin’? Y’all want me to peel some vegetables, I’ll help you with that!'” Cardi said.

The Bronx rapper, who’s starring in a new Pepsi holiday commercial, said that she wasn’t asked to bring anything for the big feast, but if she had to bring something, she said she could whip up a good mac n’ cheese.

I think I could do a really good mac and cheese,” she told the magazine. “I don’t play with my mac and cheese either, so I feel like if I’m gonna go in and do it, I’m gonna do it good. But I don’t think they’re gonna trust me enough.”

Damn, the fact that Offset’s family doesn’t trust Cardi to cook mac and cheese is a bit low. Let the girl make it! We know Cardi knows all about good food. She definitely shares a lot of her luxurious meals on Instagram, so we think she’s a good judge of what tastes good or not. However, saying you’ll cook something and coming through on that offer are two separate things.

“I mean, if y’all want me to cook a dish, I’ll do it. But I don’t guarantee it,” Cardi said.

We can just imagine what our family would say if we came up with that response. Cardi B shouldn’t have to worry about a thing on Thanksgiving. The girl works too damn hard as it is. She’ll be the life of the party regardless.

But hey girl, if you need a good mac and cheese recipe, we found one that we think you’ll like.

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