The Fashion in Cardi B’s New ‘Bartier Cardi’ Video is Giving Us Total Celia Cruz Vibes

We’ve been at the edge of our seats anxiously waiting for Friday, April 6, the day Cardi B finally drops her highly anticipated debut album Invasion of Privacy

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Frank Schwichtenberg

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Frank Schwichtenberg

We’ve been at the edge of our seats anxiously waiting for Friday, April 6, the day Cardi B finally drops her highly anticipated debut album Invasion of Privacy. She’s teased us with her new single “Be Careful,” which is fire by the way, but what has us beyond hyped is her new video “Bartier Cardi.” It’s Old Hollywood Glam but Cardi B style — of course. In fact, between the vibrant colors, the 80s makeup, and Cardi’s platinum blonde retro hair — this thing was beyond over the top. We even felt some serious Celia Cruz vibes here too. 

This is by far one of Cardi’s most impressive music videos to date. There’s a hella a lot going on here and Cardi’s brand of glamour is all over the place. The video which was shot by Petra Collins, also features rappers 21 Savage, Migos, and Cardi’s fiancé Offset, who actually appears towards the end of the video having a makeout session with Cardi in the back of a car.

Cardi took her love of over-the-top, more-is-more fashion to a whole new level in this video. She’s decked out in a bright red fur that matches her lingerie set and silk gloves. Yes, it’s that extra. She’s also dripping in Cartier diamonds and there are dollar bills everywhere.

Cardi is on top of cars rocking a green fur and diamonds looking all kinds of extra but fab.

She was even in the clubs with her retro white sunglasses, killing it per usual.

Did we mention that dress she’s wearing in the car scene with Offset was drowning in sparkles? Oh yes, girl!

But what we appreciate the most about Cardi’s over-the-top fashion, sky-high bouffant, and sparkles everywhere video, is how much it reminded us of the late Celia Cruz’s “La Negra Tiene Tumbao” video. Don’t get us wrong, their music and style is drastically different. But like Cardi, the Cuban singer also loved to go hard or go home, when it came to her style.

Jut take a good look at the fashion and the background in Cardi’s new video. Give yourself a second to take it all in.

Now, check out the Queen of Salsa’s “La Negra Tiene Tumbao” video. She went all in on the fashion and like Cardi, she was all about the wigs. More is more is how she lived her life, at least when it came to her aesthetics.

Celia was all about the sparkle and the glam.

In fact, we’d LOVE to see Cardi rocking a peacock in her hair like this for her next music video. How dope would that be?

What’s cool too, is that like Celia, Cardi is also an Afro-Latina. Celia hustled her way from singing in small Havana nightclubs to eventually becoming the “Queen of Salsa.” With all the records Cardi has been breaking throughout her career, from becoming the first sole female rapper to top the single charts in 19 years and then having tied The Beatles and Ashanti as the only musical acts to place Billboard’s first three Hot 100 hits in the top simultaneously, it’s only a matter of time before Cardi becomes the queen of Hip-Hop. We’re just saying. 

The world still has a love affair with the legendary Celia Cruz, remembering her for her salsa, her towering wigs, and her extravagant style and the world is developing a love affair with Cardi for her rags to riches story, her contagious raps, and her VERY extra sense of style. Here’s to hoping she does a video honoring Celia’s fashion sometime in the near future. In the meantime, check out the full video below!

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