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Cardi B’s Tweets This Week Have Been The Realest

I’ll admit, it took me a while to jump on the Cardi B bandwagon but the more I follow her — the more I genuinely love her. The Dominican-Trinidadian rapper says it how it is and isn’t afraid to call out her haters. She recently shut down Twitter trolls for discrediting her success and her latest tweets this week alone have been everything!

Like her or not, if there’s one thing to appreciate about Cardi B— aside from her admirable hustle— it’s her bold honesty and her hilarious tweet confessions. Just a few hours ago, she tweeted about getting some good morning D. She even got real about wanting to fart in a small room filled with people. Sure, the average person might not actually tweet these things but come on — we totally all think it, right? That’s why we love Cardi, because she pretty much says what we’re all thinking and could care less what ANYONE has to say about it. Here’s a look at some of her best tweets this week so far!

She’s not afraid to let us know when she’s JUST had sex.

Listen, we hear her on this one. There’s nothing like good sex first thing in the morning!

She stays dropping those words of wisdom.

We’re not exactly sure who she’s referring to but regardless, we’re taking this tweet as our motivational quote of the week. There’s a hard lesson that can be learned when one experiences betrayal — no doubt about it.

She gets emotional about her music.

But we especially love the part where she mentions she’s going to her moms. Who doesn’t hit up their Latina mom when they’re experiencing the feels?

Sometimes a girl just wants to fart.

We might not admit this to anyone— forget mentioning it on Twitter— but we’ve ALL been here!

She stays making fun of her haters.

Because the truth is, most of her haters are probably secretly her fans.

She has no problem shutting down the haters.

Haters started questioning her career success and she shut it down real quick.

She’s not about to let people stress her out about her new album.

Her new album, Invasion of Privacy drops on Friday, April 6th and she’s not with all the predictions and opinions people are already having about it.

She’s not here for the harassment.

Cardi will never succumb to Twitter troll hate or harassment, so haters better take 10 steps back.