14 Celebrities Who Were Once Undocumented

Issues like immigration don’t seem so abstract once you know someone who has immigrated to the United States. Putting faces and names to something, whatever it may be, instantly humanizes whatever you are looking at. Immigration is a human issue before it is a political one. Once you hear personal stories you start to understand the many reasons why people are undocumented in the first place. You also start to piece together how the immigration crisis we are in is more about Latinidad, skin color, and the oppression of a people more than it is about entering the United States illegally.

That’s why we need to see the faces of immigrants and we need to listen to as many of these narratives as possible. And who do people listen to the most in America? Celebrities. There are people you see on TV, listen to on the radio, and watch on the big screen every day who entered this country without proper documentation. Let’s hear some of their stories.

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