15 Ways Labor Leader and Civil Rights Activist Cesar Chavez Fought for Justice

Photo: Take Part/YouTube

Cesar Chavez Day was Sunday, March 31, on what would have been the civil rights leader’s 92nd birthday. Each year (and hopefully more often than that), we are called to remember the iconic man and his legendary contributions to farmworkers’ rights, environmental issues, and more. The aftereffects of Chavez’s work are still felt by many in the community today. Most of us know the things Chavez has accomplished, but don’t realize how connected he is to the strides being made in 2019.

Because he deserves that we delve a little deeper into his accomplishments, here we take a closer look at what Cesar Chavez achieved. We analyze how these achievements and accomplishments made it possible for further successes to occur in the years since. Because you can’t know where you are going as a people — and really appreciate the opportunity — if you don’t first understand how you were able to get there in the first place.




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