10 Latinx-Owned Charcuterie Shops to Elevate Your Snack Game

The Super Bowl is almost here! Aside from the game itself, game day snacks — and the halftime show — are probably what your party guests look forward to the most


Image: Charcuterie To Go

The Super Bowl is almost here! Aside from the game itself, game day snacks — and the halftime show — are probably what your party guests look forward to the most. Even if you’re not a sports fanatic, you want your Super Bowl party to have the best food. Many people cheer their team on while munching on nachos, wings, sliders, and chips but charcuterie boards will make you the real MVP of the day. Latinx business owners are here to help you with some charcuterie board ideas that are sure to please all your guests. Order a platter full of some Latin-inspired flavors including masapanes, tamarind, and even Hot Cheetos. Read on to learn more about these 10 Latinx-owned charcuterie board company perfect for the Super Bowl or any time you’re craving some meats and queso.


Cuterie & Co

Image: Cuterie & Co

Founders and cousins of Cuterie & Co, Megan Montoya and Lauren Chavez, really delivered on this one. Their luxury board is impossible not to have at your Super Bowl party. And when your guests lay their eyes on it, they won’t be able to step away from the table. With three gourmet cheeses, three cured meats, fruits, and a three tier tray of other sweets, there’s enough for it to be a standalone Super Bowl party snack.


Quesos de Diana

Image: Instagram/@quesosdediana

Diana of Quesos de Diana is making all of your charcuterie board dreams a reality. For a sweeter Super Bowl party snack, opt for this Mexican inspired platter that’s decorated with masapanes, mangos, and tamarind straws.  These are some of our favorite snacks all on one board and its perfect for those with a sweet tooth.


La Charcuterie Chica

Image: The Charcuterie Chica

Yvonne, the creator of The Charcuterie Chica,  will make you salivate with her posts sharing her unique and robust charcuterie boards. You really can’t go wrong with her Super Bowl themed spread. The football made up of meats is the real winner and guests of all ages will enjoy it. There are vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options available too.


Charcuterie Thyme

Image: Instagram/@charcuteriethyme

With all of the fried and greasy food you’ll most likely have at your Super Bowl party, sometimes, it’s nice to mix things up with a pop of green. The crudites platter from Charcuterie Thyme has cauliflower, carrots, cucumbers, radishes, and peas – the perfect compliment to those spicy chicken wings and totally Instagram worthy.


She Wants The Cheese

Image: She Wants The Cheese LLC

She Wants the Cheese founder Veronica was inspired by her grandparents who are dairy farmers in Mexico. Her business is dedicated to them and her family. And if you’re feeding a big group of hungry fans then look no further than this beautiful charcuterie selection from She Wants The Cheese. Loaded with delicious cheese, meats, and fruits, this tasty board will easily serve all of your hungry sports fans.


Charcuterie y Más

Image: Charcuterie y Mas

Charcuterie y Más is a mother-daughter duo in Southern California. They make charcuterie boards for any occasion that serve up to 15 people. Their Super Bowl board is as extravagant as you’d expect with flowers made out of cold cuts and generous amounts of a variety of cheeses. For some extra flavor they add in two different jams that are irresistibly sweet.


Cultura Charcuterie

Image: Instagram/@cultura_charcuterie

Are you looking to wow your guests with classic Latinx favorites on game day? Check out this board of irresistible munchies from Cultura Charcuterie. From hot Cheetos to chicharrones and plenty of Mexican candy, this “Cultura Board” covers all the bases.


Charcuterie To Go

Image: Charcuterie To Go

Vanessa Meza is the girl behind this masterpiece from Charcuterie To Go. This charcuterie platter is her best seller and for good reason considering the balance of fruit, meats, and cheeses. If you and your guests are looking to indulge and enjoy a mix of flavors then this board is a solid choice. You can also swap out the salami for turkey or turkey pepperoni.


The Charcuterie Mamacita

Image: Instagram/@the_charcuterie_mamacita

If you are low on serving plates or just don’t want to do dishes later on, order these individual charcuterie snacks from The Charcuterie Mamacita. Kick it up a notch with these cute cones that include meats, fruits, and pickles. Melina Castelan started her business in 2020 and  clearly likes to do her own thing and think outside the board.


Charcuterie by Bianca

Image: Instagram/@bees.boards

When it comes to Super Bowl parties, there are people who want smaller snacks and people who favor larger eats. So what do you do for the guests who want to indulge a little more? Enter the bagel board from Bees Boards – a spread with fresh bagels, tomatoes, cucumbers, and salmon. Plus, these bagel sandwiches mean guests will be satisfied longer throughout the game.

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