30 Throwback and New Eyeliner Looks We Want to Recreate

Eyeliner is a beauty product so intertwined with Latina culture, history, and identity that it has become the subject of so many Latinx memes, Instagram posts, business taglines, and products. From the days of the Chicana pachuca (the 1940s and ’50s) and Old Hollywood, to chola and Latinx interpretations of mod ’60s liner, to those razor-sharp ’80s and ’90s wings, to the looks of today, it’s evident that it would be hard for us to live without our beloved eyeliner.

We’re always looking for inspo on how to interpret these lines and wings in new or old ways, so we did some beauty research, and put together a great mix of vintage eyeliner looks from yesteryear and the latest interpretations that hit the 2019 and 2020 runways. So, grab your makeup bag, sharpen your pencils, and get ready to try out these 30 stylish ideas.




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