7 Children’s Books to Read During Pride Month

Someone recently asked me how I celebrate Pride Month as a queer woman, and at first, I wasn’t sure. I love seeing my city filled with even more rainbows and glitter than usual (I already live in a gayborhood), but I don’t do much myself. Clubs or bars aren’t really my scene these days. And it’s usually way too hot for me to spend much time at the outdoor festivities under the summer sun. But my favorite thing, honestly, is spending time teaching my son about pride in ways that he can understand. Some of the books on this list are ones he’s read and enjoyed, while others were recommended to me by trusted parents who have seen how they affected their own children firsthand. If you only do one thing this pride month, educate your kiddos on being more open-minded, compassionate people and let them know that no matter their gender or sexuality, you’ll always have their back. Here are some books that will help you with that:




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