25 Chola Makeup and Hair Tutorials to Watch on YouTube

Photo: Gabriela Delgado/YouTube

When something works, it can wind up stick around forever. Take chola makeup, for instance. The dramatic swoop of eyeliner, arched eyebrows, and carefully lined lips is a style worn from the days of las pachucas in the 1940s and ’50s, to the chola heyday of the ’70s, ’80s’ and ’90s, up to today. It’s a very feminine yet fierce look that we can thank Chicanas for bringing into the Latinx aesthetic. But don’t get it twisted: chola makeup, as anything chola, is part of a culture and lifestyle. It is not a Halloween costume or style to be culturally appropriated.

We love to cover all the facets of chola style — including beauty. Perfecting that classic look, and using elements of today to continue to modernize it, takes practice and skill. It’s not something you’re going to perfect in one day, but thankfully, there are several ladies, including Chicanas/Latinas, who have blessed us with super helpful tutorials on YouTube. In fact, here are 25 that will have you looking chola flawless in no time.




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