mujer con un sombrero en su jardín
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How to Choose the Perfect Hat to Work in the Garden

Choosing the perfect hat to work in your garden or orchard protects you from the sun, especially from the ultraviolet rays that cause cancer and age your skin. Also, hats help our bodies maintain a pleasant temperature, especially on very hot days.

Before purchasing, it’s important to try on a hat and make sure it doesn’t fit too tight or too loose, doesn’t cover our view; one that fits just right. Here are more practical recommendations:

  1. Choose one made of useful material for hot weather, but also for the rainy season.  Hats made of synthetic material are highly recommended, because they are water proof.
  2. To protect oneself from the sun, one must choose a hat that covers our neck, ears, and one that’s wide enough to cover the tip of your nose. Canvas hats are the best ones to work in the garden.
  3. For casual use, it is recommended that a hat be good for going out with friends as well as to go shopping to the open-air market, and also serve as one that you can use with chores at home.
  4. Navy blue and beige hats are the best for matching with other clothing items; and white hats are a good casual option.
  5. The other alternative is to choose a simple hat, made of straw or cloth, and style it with ribbon and flowers based on the occasion. Also, one can use complimentary scarves or handkerchiefs around the neck.

Remember that hats, independently from the material, will absorb sweat, dust and it will get dirty with its use. Remember to wash it, if possible, every time you use it in your garden. Clean it based on its material so that it’s durable for a long time.