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Chris Perez Gets In the Holiday Spirit, Makes Donation to Salvation Army

Chris Perez — Selena Quintanilla’s widower — is remembering what the holidays are truly about: giving back! The musician got into the holiday spirit and went on a major shopping spree to purchase Christmas gifts. But these presents weren’t for family or friends but all donations that he made to the Salvation Army, San Antonio, Texas.

“I‘m happy that I get to give back in this way,” Perez told KENS 5 who followed along as he shopped. “I’m a proud Texas resident and proud San Antonio resident. I fly that flag everywhere I go.”

According to the local news outlet, Perez purchased a lot of toys and clothing at Target. He even bought some Selena shirts!

“We appreciate the generosity of Chris. Christmastime can be especially challenging for kids celebrating in a shelter. This really means a lot to us,” Salvation Army representative Brad Mayhar said told KENS 5.

By the looks of it, Chris spent quite a while at the Target, spoke to people there, and posed for pictures. It’s so sweet of him to do this because hopefully it’ll encourage others to do the same.

Christmas can sometimes seem like it’s all about giving gifts that we forget to give to those who truly need it. Several news outlets are reporting that the Salvation Army isn’t getting the donations that they used to. We normally see a Salvation Army representative standing outside in the cold with a red kettle hoping people will drop some cash but that isn’t happening.

“Many locations have seen donations go down by 10% to 15%,” CBS reports.

Maybe more people will see Chris’s good charity and do their part and give to others.

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