Chrissie Fit Talks ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ and Describes Her Perfect (and Not-So-Perfect) Guy

Just in time to give you a holiday treat, Chrissie Fit is making her return as “Flo” this Friday in Pitch Perfect 3

Photo: Instagram/chrissiefit

Photo: Instagram/chrissiefit

Just in time to give you a holiday treat, Chrissie Fit is making her return as “Flo” this Friday in Pitch Perfect 3. The Miami-born Cuban, who started singing at the age of 5 and discovered acting at 12, really had the chance to achieve her dreams after being cast in films like Teen Beach Movie and the Pitch Perfect franchise. Fit first joined Pitch Perfect in Pitch Perfect 2, and completely stole the show with her hilarious portrayal of the new exchange student.

In this last call, fans get to see the Bellas come together for one final performance, and see where life has lead them following graduation. “Pitch Perfect 3 introduces the Bellas to the big bad world around them,” said film producer Max Handelman. “We raised the bar and wanted fans to get what they love: the singing, dancing and laughter, but also to see the women involved in new, fun and exciting situations.  This is a much more action-driven movie; the cold open announces right away that things are very different.  The characters are older, and they’re all on different journeys.”

We caught up with our favorite Bella, Fit (of course!), to discuss saying goodbye to Pitch Perfect, where we’ll find “Flo” now, her ideal guy and more.

HipLatina: Pitch Perfect has come to the end of the road, how does it feel? What has been one of your favorite memories from filming?

Chrissie Fit: We’ve all become really great friends so the fact that this might be the last time we work together, like all of us, is emotional. I think you see that in the last performance we do together. The tears are real! But we are so excited to have made another funny and heartfelt film. We had so many amazing memories on set. From sneaking off and swimming in the giant tank they built for one of the action sequences in the movie, to celebrating Mardi Gras in my trailer after we wrapped. I got a blender, decorated, and gave out daiquiris. Come to think of it, I was always celebrating something. 

HL: Tell me a little a bit about what’s going on with Flo this time around. In what ways has she changed, and what ways has she not changed at all?

CF: I think out of all the Bellas, Flo has it the most together after graduating college. She’s definitely a smart cookie. I feel like she’s less of an outsider. Before we started filming, I talked to the director and one of the writers and was really vocal about how I wanted to steer clear of certain jokes. I always saw how hardworking and smart Flo was and wanted to lean into that more. I’m so grateful that everyone was on the same page. She’s still sarcastic and dark humored but she’s more of an organic part of the group. Flo also sings more this time around which is awesome! 

HL: What did you love most about playing Flo?

CF: I love how smart and resourceful she is. She’s always quick with that reality check too. 

HL: The Bellas come to the realization that in real life they can’t make it as acapella singers since there are no real aca-jobs. Was there ever a time when you felt like you had a dream that just would never be realized?

CF: I think the Bellas are just trying to figure out what they’re passionate about outside of acapella. I think there are definitely some aca-jobs… PENTATONIX! But I have an unattainable dream… to be a kickass dancer. I know. I do dance but like not dance dance. I wanna be like So You Think You Can Dance good. I got closest to it during the Teen Beach films. I have the heart of a professional dancer but the body of a sky dancer. The ones that they use to advertise things. Blows around like a crazy person in the wind. That one! 

HL: There’s a bit of rivalry going on in this film, can you tell me a little about that?

CF: There are a few new bands and I love that because there are different genres of music. There’s hip-hop, pop rock, and country. These bands have instruments so we’ve never had to deal with that in the past. The Evermoist girls, led by Ruby Rose, are especially pitchy to us. It’s a lot of fun to watch us interact with them and try to not let them get in our heads. 

HL: Since the film is Pitch Perfect 3, I’m going to give you a few scenarios for you to describe to me as perfect, or not-so-perfect, based on your personal experiences/preferences.

The Perfect Day.

CF: Involves working, writing, time with friends, family, and usually watching something on Netflix before bed. 

HL: The Not-So-Perfect Day.

CF: Stuck in traffic all day. 

HL: The Perfect Cup of Coffee.

CF: Grande hazelnut coffee with almond milk.

HL: The Perfect Meal.

CF: Rice, black beans, pork, fried plantains, with an avocado, tomato, and onion salad. 

HL: The Perfect Guy.

CF: Funny, confident, and supportive. 

HL: The Not-So-Perfect Guy.

CF: Insecure, insensitive, and selfish. 

HL:The Perfect Date.

CF: Anything involving an activity. Like lazar-tag, bowling, miniature golfing, ice-skating, etc.  

HL:The Not-So-Perfect First Date.

CF: Movies. Um, how am I supposed to get to know you, dude?

HL: The Perfect Outfit.

CF:  Is comfy and stylish.

HL: The Perfect Job.

CF: Doesn’t feel like a job. 

HL: The Not-So-Perfect Job.

CF:  Sucks! 

HL: The Perfect Weather

CF:  70’s with a nice breeze. 

HL: The Perfect Vacation.

CF:  Somewhere tropical, like Hawaii. 

HL: The Perfect ‘Me’ Time.

CF:  Spa me up! 

HL: The Perfect Christmas.

CF:  Is spent with my crazy Cuban family in Miami. 

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