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7 Hilariously Honest Cinco de Mayo Memes

Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow, meaning we have to brace ourselves for the absurd amount of people looking for an excuse to get drunk off tequila with no clue what they’re actually celebrating. To help us get through all the cultural appropriation that’s coming our way, here are seven hilarious and frighteningly realistic memes about every Americanos favorite tequila-drinking day.

Cinco de Mayo Memes HipLatina

Beware, every Mexican or pseudo-Mexican spot is going to be crowded with people looking for an “authentic” experience.

Cinco de Mayo Memes HipLatina

Let’em know Batman. I feel like we’ve been getting this lesson for years, but somehow, people still mistake Cinco de Mayo for Mexico’s Independence Day. Wrong. Mexico’s Independence Day is on September 16, while Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Batalla de Puebla where Mexican troops unexpectedly defeated French soldiers in 1862.

Cinco de Mayo Memes HipLatina

Maybe every time someone says Happy Cinco de Mayo to you, you challenge them to tell you three things they love about Mexican culture that has nothing to do with tacos, tequila, or piñatas.

Cinco de Mayo Memes HipLatina

Anyone who assumed that drinking booze and chowing on chips and guac is the only way to show their respect to a diverse culture is sorely mistaken.

cinco de mayo memes

Here come the Latino generalizations…

Cinco de Mayo Memes HipLatina

Anyone who has been chanting about “build the wall” should basically refrain from any sort of Cinco de Mayo festivities.

Cinco de Mayo memes HipLatina

If only everybody could keep it this real.