20 Classic Nail Polishes That Will Never Go Out of Style

Trends are super fun to partake in, especially when it comes to beauty

Photo: Unsplash/@jakobowens1

Photo: Unsplash/@jakobowens1

Trends are super fun to partake in, especially when it comes to beauty. You can try out an out-of-the-box new color, embellishments, patterns, and more, and leave it all behind when the craze is over. But classics are timeless. They may have started as trends at some point (and reemerge as such), but have proven to be tried-and-true staples. Just think of a winged eyeliner, nude lip, red lip, or black mascara. These are the beauty looks, items, and products we just can’t live without.

Nail polish just completes an entire look. It showcases beauty, a pop of color, style, and is evidence of self-care on its wearer. It’s an inexpensive way of trying an of-the-moment hue or wearing a color you will never stop wearing. And, with all beauty products, there are several timeless classics that people will want to sport when it’s time to go to the salon or do some pampering at home. We wanted to compile a comprehensive list of a bunch of fabulous nail colors that are among the most-used and best-loved nail polishes out there. That way, you can invest in all your faves, knowing that they will probably never go out of style.

wp_*postsChanel Vamp

Chanel Vamp is such a classic. You may remember Uma Thurman wearing it in the movie Pulp Fiction. It’s so iconic, the nail polish has its own Wikipedia page. The reddish-black hue was created in 1994, and became one of Chanel’s best-selling products. It also started the trend of different, more out-of-the-traditional-box nail polishes.

wp_*postsEssie Ballet Slippers

Next on our list of classic, timeless polishes that will never go out of style is Essie’s Ballet Slippers. The soft pink shade is delicate, sweet, feminine, and never too much. It’s known for being royally approved by Queen Elizabeth. Plus, it offers a little flush of color while still acting as a neutral, that will go with everything.

wp_*postsDior 999 Red

You can never go wrong with a classic, bright red color on the nails. In 1953, Christian Dior wanted a perfect red lipstick for the models walking the runway. The rouge 9 and 99 were created. These have seen been updated to be the iconic 999. This hue is perfect for a chic night out, or even just for adding some style to a T-shirt and jeans.

wp_*postsNCLA Elegantly Punk


Some of the selections for this roundup are classic shades, but from newer brands. NCLA is a California brand worn by many celebs, as well as women everywhere. We definitely wanted to include a great silver polish as part of this list, and their version is so cool. You get the classic metallic shade, but with an edgy, chunky texture that takes the look to another level.

wp_*postsMorgan Taylor No Way Rose

Next up there is another metallic nail polish, this time in a rose gold color. Morgan Taylor’s No Way Rose is a chic option that looks great on a variety of skin tones. Honestly, all metallics are great for nails, since they serve as neutrals, go with most everything in your closet, but offer a little luxury and shine.

wp_*postsRevlon Cherries in the Snow

You know a nail polish is a true classic when it’s been around since the 1930s, and still remains a fave. Revlon’s Cherries in the Snow is a vintage-y blue-red, which was introduced in 1932. It is credited as being the very first red nail polish ever.

wp_*postsZoya Trixie

We wanted to include a silvery shade that was a little more traditional and sleek, for those who want a smooth finish. Zoya’s Trixie is just that, giving off a gleaming shine and futuristic yet Space Age vibes. If it looks great with your skin’s undertones (cool, warm), you should have a classic silver nail polish in your collection!

wp_*postsOPI Taupe-less Beach


Sometimes you want a neutral that isn’t the everyday nude (although nude, in all shades, will always be a classic for nails!). OPI Taupe-less Beach is a great solution. It’s a gorgeous taupe hue that goes with everything, but yet also looks modern and cool.

wp_*postsOPI Lincoln Park After Dark

Our next hue for the nails is also from OPI. The brand has knocked it out of the park, with a bunch of classic nail polishes that have stood the test of time. One such color is Lincoln Park After Dark. The super dark shade is described by OPI as “where midnight meets purple.”

wp_*postsDeborah Lippmann Happy Birthday

We had to include a festive, glittery polish in the mix, because we all need the perfect go-to polish to celebrate life with. Deborah Lippmann’s Happy Birthday is a great option, with its colorful chunky pieces of glitter. Rock two coats on a bare nail, or layer it over another fab polish to give it some sparkle.

wp_*postsEssie Licorice

Another necessity in anyone’s nail polish stash is black. It’s a color on nails that conveys so many cool things–chicness, edginess, goth vibes, and a cool severity that makes everything worn with it that much cooler. Essie’s Licorice is a great option for glossy and timeless black nails.

wp_*postsJINsoon Blue Iris

We couldn’t just have a list of solely red, nude, black, and white nail polishes–what’s the fun in that?! There are also classics and best-sellers that are bold, adventurous, and yet totally wearable. One such hue is JINsoon’s Blue Iris. It’s a fun and rich pop of cobalt that you’ll want to stare at all day.

wp_*postsEssie in Blanc

If you must have a black nail polish in your beauty arsenal, you should also have a white one, like Essie’s Blanc. It gives such a fun pop to looks, while also being a neutral that goes with everything. It also looks great with a tan and on dark skin. Plus, it will never go out of style.

wp_*postsOPI Dutch Tulips

Why choose between a red nail polish and a pink one, when you can have a little bit of both? OPI’s classic Dutch Tulips is the prettiest pink-red. It’s just enough interest and pop, without having to worry about what outfits your nails will go with.

wp_*postsCND Field Fox

You can never have too many great neutral nail polishes. CND’s Field Fox is one of the brand’s best sellers, and we can see why. It’s a great color, that looks a little bit taupe, a little bit lavender, and a whole lot fabulous.

wp_*postsOPI Malaga Wine

Another stunning burgundy nail polish color that is a tried-and-true favorite is OPI’s Malaga Wine. It’s a classic color that can be layered to create a deep dark wine hue. Or wear one coat for a dark red.

wp_*postsEssie Bikini So Teeny


Essie has a classic fave that is a little different from the rest of the timeless colors. Bikini So Teeny is a cheery, yet also soothing sky blue. Released in the summer of 2012, it looks great on a variety of skin tones, and is just plain pretty to wear.

wp_*postsNARS in Milos

We couldn’t include metallic nail polishes without going for the gold. It’s a nail color that just screams luxury and glam, while also serving as a go-with-most-anything hue. NARS’ Milos is a true gold shade, which looks good with a couple of coats on for a rich, solid gold look.

wp_*postsOPI Russian Navy

The color navy brings to mind timeless nautical and preppy styles that have been around for ages. It’s a color that is dark enough to go with everything, but has just enough color to be more interesting than basic black. OPI Russian Navy is what the brand calls a “deep sea indigo,” with a rich glow that so many love.

wp_*postsOPI Cajun Shrimp

Our final color on our list of timeless, classic nail polish shades that will never go out of style is Cajun Shrimp, by OPI. The coral color is a great alternative to red, is the perfect hue for summer, and looks so pretty on so many different skin tones.

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