20 Classic Nail Polishes That Will Never Go Out of Style

Trends are super fun to partake in, especially when it comes to beauty. You can try out an out-of-the-box new color, embellishments, patterns, and more, and leave it all behind when the craze is over. But classics are timeless. They may have started as trends at some point (and reemerge as such), but have proven to be tried-and-true staples. Just think of a winged eyeliner, nude lip, red lip, or black mascara. These are the beauty looks, items, and products we just can’t live without.

Nail polish just completes an entire look. It showcases beauty, a pop of color, style, and is evidence of self-care on its wearer. It’s an inexpensive way of trying an of-the-moment hue or wearing a color you will never stop wearing. And, with all beauty products, there are several timeless classics that people will want to sport when it’s time to go to the salon or do some pampering at home. We wanted to compile a comprehensive list of a bunch of fabulous nail colors that are among the most-used and best-loved nail polishes out there. That way, you can invest in all your faves, knowing that they will probably never go out of style.




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