These Clorox Cleaning Tips Will Level-Up Your Family Holiday Getaway

Family vacations are full of unforgettable memories and nights of endless laughter

Photo courtesy of Clorox

Photo courtesy of Clorox

Family vacations are full of unforgettable memories and nights of endless laughter. During the holidays, there’s nothing like spending quality time with your family to remind you of the joys of the season. It might seem effortless, but lots of planning can go into keeping your family safe during your holiday vacation. Cold and flu season stops for no one, but you can do your part to stay healthier and enjoy a stress-free family vacation with these Clorox cleaning tips that will level-up your getaway!

Disinfect Public Surfaces

When you’re traveling with kids, keeping a bathroom schedule is the key to avoiding accidents. If nature calls before getting to your final destination, Clorox Disinfecting Wipes On the Go can help you use the bathroom in comfort by helping to eliminate germs that cause illnesses on the surface! Whether you’re in a car or a plane, an ice skating rink or at the park, the convenience and trusted quality of Clorox will keep your family healthier during the cold & flu season!

Keep Hands Clean

Kids touch everything. From airport armrests to sticky strollers to soiled floors, it’s in their curious nature to examine everything they see, especially when exploring a new destination! Making sure that their hands are clean before snack time is essential to preventing the spread of the cold and flu virus while traveling. The CDC recommends scrubbing your hands with water and soap for at least 20 seconds or using an alcohol-based (at least 60 percent!) hand sanitizer to get rid of germs on your hands. And don’t forget to sanitize your own hands too!

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Wipe Down The Space

When it comes to keeping your children safe, Mami knows best! During the cold and flu season, cleaning and disinfecting your hotel room with Clorox Disinfecting Wipes can bring you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your family vacation. For maximum effectiveness, wipe the surface to remove excess dirt and let it dry. Make sure to disinfect high-touch areas, like doorknobs, counters, and bathrooms to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses**!

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Sanitize All Belongings

Family vacation means lots of adventures! Keeping your travel essentials sanitized, like luggages and backpacks, is key to preventing the spread of germs after a long day of traveling. Clorox Multi-Surface Disinfecting Mist works like a charm to kill germs with just one spray– no wiping required! Sanitize your belongings as soon as you’re in your room to prevent the spread of cold and flu germs during your family getaway. Want to go the extra mile? Freshen and deodorize the air by spraying the disinfecting mist toward the center of the room in a well-ventilated area!

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Take It Slow

If you’re traveling with kids, allowing room for the unexpected can help your holiday vacation run smoothly. Turning mundane travel duties like security checks and baggage claim into fun adventures for the kids can create unforgettable memories that last a lifetime. It’s scientifically proven that stress plays a factor in getting ill, so narrow your odds this cold and flu season by taking it slow and staying stress-free during your holiday travels!

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Traveling with your family during the cold and flu can be challenging, but these tips from Clorox will level-up your next holiday getaway!


When used as directed on hard, nonporous surfaces.

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