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People’s Reaction Over ‘Coco’ Academy Award Nominations Is Amazing

The Academy Award nomination were announced yesterday and our favorite film of the year — Coco — was nominated! The animated feature by Pixar received two nominations, Best Animated Feature and Best Original song for “Remember Me.” Of course we wish Coco had been nominated for more Academy Awards, as we wish for more Latino representation overall, but this is all about Coco love and we’re so happy that this film was recognized.

Songwriters Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, the fascinating married duo who wrote “Remember Me” said they heard the big news about their nomination while sitting on their couch. They watched the nominations along with the rest of the public along with their kids.

“We were able to watch it with our 8-year-old on the couch,” Kristen told Vulture. “Our seventh-grader wanted to stay home and watch too, because they both really wanted us to get nominated because they know they’re going as our dates. So they both had a real agenda!”

The writers, who both have been nominated before for their writing work on Frozen, said “Remember Me” was an especially personal song to write.

It’s also become this personal song for our family,” Robert said to Vulture. “We experienced loss this year. My mother died. We sang it at her funeral. It was a way to get us through a really tough time.

We got a beautiful text from Bobby’s dad,” Kristen said. “Bobby’s mom was his champion, some might even say stage mother. His dad wrote, ‘Your mom is dancing up in the clouds today.’  She died of cancer and she knew we were going to sing this at her funeral. And so this song is really hers.”

The reaction to Coco’s Academy nominations keep coming in. People are ecstatic. Here’s some of those reactions…

People clearly love this movie. We’ll be rooting for Coco at the Academy Awards!

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