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DREAMer and Newly College Graduate Tragically Killed In Car Accident

On May 29, María Silva, whom recently graduated from California State University, Los Angeles, was tragically killed in a car accident in Sacramento. The DREAMer, who graduated with a Criminal Justice degree, was in a vehicle alongside her mother, who was also killed, and her brother who is listed under critical condition.

María and her family were driving around 7:30 a.m. in their Toyota Prius when they hit a truck in a head-on collision. According to CBS Local News, “Investigators say the Prius driver was apparently trying to pass a slower car, but lost control. The Prius then began to fishtail before it appeared in front of a pickup going the opposite direction. The pickup driver slammed on the brakes, but the pick soon crashed into the driver’s side of the Prius. The driver of the Prius and a right rear passenger inside were killed in the crash, CHP says.” The accident is still under investigation.

Iván Ceja, CEO/Founder of @UndocuMedia, tweeted: “This text message broke my heart today…Maria Silva graduated from CSULA with her bachelors 6 days ago…but yesterday she passed away in a car accident with her mom..her brother is in critical condition..please donate to support the family.”

A GoFundme page has been set up for the surviving members of her family. “Felix Silva was a father of 3 and a loving husband to his wife. On the day of the 29th of May in the morning, his wife and two of his children, Maria Silva, Asuzena Figueroa and Felix Silva got into a car accident and sadly took the life of both the daughter and the mom. As of right now, the son has been taken to a hospital and is in intensive care. This is definitely a parents worst nightmare that we wish would never happen or want anyone to go through.  We don’t ask for much, but anything is greatly appreciated whether it’s a single prayer or a dollar. Thank you in advance.”


People took to social media to remember María.  tweeted: “Woke up to the news that a former Cal State LA student of mine, Maria Silva, passed away. I am taking the invitation to her graduation this weekend as an invitation to celebrate her life. Rest in power, Maria!”

said: “You were honestly one of the few partners I’ve had for a class that actually put in work when I was a 2nd year. You messaged me less than a week ago about some grad photos I had posted up on Facebook I had taken. Because you also had just graduated. Rest In Peace Maria Silva.”