Cute Colombian Student Proves That Being Punctual Is the Key to Success

Being punctual can make or break your career


Photo: Twitter/CanalCapital

Being punctual can make or break your career. And it all starts when you’re a student, because if you’re going to be late to class, what’s the point of even going? That reminds me of the quote by William Shakespeare. I believe he said something like: “Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.”

A little boy named Daniel Santiago from Bogota, Colombia, is showing exactly what it means to show up to class on time. Or better yet, what it looks like if you’re running a little late.

The video that has since gone viral was posted on Twitter by Bogota journalist Yesid Lancheros. He tweeted a clip from a segment on “Despierta Bogota” which shows journalist Diego Heredia, from Canal Capital, interviewing a Daniel in a neighborhood called Patio Bonito.

Heredia was doing his reporting as usual, when the camera catches Daniel stealing the show by goofing around and dancing for the camera. The reporter calls him over just as Daniel was about to run off to school. It’s actually very cute and shows how this moment all transpired.

Diego asks Daniel, “where you running off to?” Daniel responds: “to school” and points that it’s sort of nearby. Diego asks him: “Are you late or are you okay on time?” Daniel says: “well, what time is it?” Diego: “It’s 6:25 a.m.”

The rest is pure magic, watch below:

I can seriously watch that all day!

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