7 Colombian Telenovelas to Binge Watch Now

Beginning as ‘literary adaptations of classic texts,’ Colombian telenovelas have covered all types of topics, in the process creating a variety of memorable characters. More recently, these shows “have dealt with the social violence of viewers’ daily lives, but melodramatic plots that avoid topical issues are becoming more popular.” A handful of fairly recent shows have set Colombia apart as a country exporting some of the best TV viewing. The following seven telenovelas from the ‘90s, ‘00s are your next, binge-worthy, guilty pleasure.

Escalona (1991)


Escalona was a ‘90s novela starring Colombian star Carlos Vives, and Florina Lemaitre Jiménez. It focuses on the life of vallenato singer-songwriter Rafael Escalona. In addition to a love story, the show is filled with Escalona’s songs.

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