13 of the Most Common New Year’s Resolutions

January 1st is a reminder that we can change our lives

Photo: Pexels

Photo: Pexels

January 1st is a reminder that we can change our lives. We are accustomed to deciding what we’d like to do differently for the year and make note of it. Do you want to be healthier? Make better financial decisions? Finally take that trip you wanted to take? You’re definitely not alone. Here are 13 of the most common New Year’s resolutions. Remember, it is also common to not make any resolutions at all! Change can occur at any time, but doesn’t need to be made at a specific time (or at all).wp_*posts

Eat Healthier

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As you take stock of 2018, there’s a good chance that you probably shuddered at some of the food you ate. While it’s good to indulge once in a while or have a cheat day once a week, too much of anything isn’t good. Many people take the new year as a reset button for their health, making it a point to make healthier food choices, drink more water, and avoid toxic foods.

wp_*postsRead More

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A lot of us wish we had more time to read. Or knew when to put down the remote, phone, and laptop in order to immerse ourselves in a book or magazine. People remind themselves to make reading a priority when a new year is about to start. An alarm on your phone signaling a time to put down the phone and read instead is an easy way to create some reading time.

wp_*postsGet in Shape

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Gym memberships spike in January when the masses remember that they want to get in shape. Some people decide to start walking more around the neighborhood or sign up for classes. It’s all a personal choice. While 30 minutes of exercise per day is recommended, getting in shape is a personal choice, which should be tailored to your health, needs, and lifestyle.

wp_*postsLose Weight

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Weight loss is another new year goal for many. Diet and exercise habits are evaluated, and plans are put in motion to eat better, and get moving. Each year, it becomes a mass decision, which can make many feel pressured to join in. However, there is no obligation to lose any weight, if it’s not a decision that’s made for your health.

wp_*postsStop Smoking

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Smoking is a bad habit, which is detrimental to your health. Many people decide each year to stop. Change isn’t always instant. If you’ve tried to stop each year, believe it will happen this year! Talk to your doctor for guidance, seek support, and be easy on yourself.

wp_*postsLearn Something New

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A new year inspires so much newness. Many people aim to learn a new skill or hobby when January 1 rolls around. This is a great time to think about your life goal list and take on things that will check off those boxes and enrich your life. New year, new you!

wp_*postsSave More Money, and Spend Less of It

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Dust off the piggy bank, because saving money, and spending less of the money you have, is among the top new year’s resolutions. Saving money is always a good idea if you are able to. Try envelopes with different goals (vacation fund, a new handbag, etc.), open a savings account, or find a super cute piggy bank and put it somewhere where you can easily drop your leftover change in.

wp_*postsBetter Self Care

Self-Love & Meditation
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Self-care should be a daily choice, a decision to dedicate important time and effort to yourself. But you have to start somewhere. Take January 1 to decide how you are going to implement self-care into your life. Some examples include meditating, taking naps, eating better, and just taking time for yourself.

wp_*postsFind a New Job

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Some people decide that last year is the last year they will be working at their job. It’s never too late to follow your dream and change the course of your career. Take a moment to reflect and note down your game plan to find a new job or start your own business, and have your dream career. Si se puede!

wp_*postsDrink Less Alcohol

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Maybe it’s part of the hangover from New Year’s Eve, or maybe it’s a decision that culminated from an entire year of too much drinking, but cutting down on alcohol is a popular New Year’s resolution. You can decide to not drink for the year, try a 30-day alcohol detox, or maybe say no to the regular happy hour for a week or two.

wp_*postsUse Social Media Less

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Social media keeps us connected, sometimes too connected, and we need to learn when to take a break. So it’s no surprise, that reducing our time on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other such platforms is among the most popular New Year’s resolutions. Just like cutting down on anything else, you can choose a way to reduce your screen time that works for you.

wp_*postsTravel More

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Travel is perpetually on almost everyone’s life list, so it’s no surprise it pops up on New Year’s resolution lists. Write down nearby destinations you can make a road trip/weekend trip out of, as well as the bigger trips that you may be able to take on once or twice a year. From there, plan accordingly and make it happen!

wp_*postsSpend More Time with Friends and Family

Summer of Family Movie Nights Hiplatina
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Your family and friends are everything, so spending more time with them is on many people’s wish list. Take the time to connect with your loved ones in the New Year, through calls, cards, visits, and more. You may be busy, but this time is so beneficial to your health and happiness, and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

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