Coronavirus Crisis: Creative Ways to Practice Social Distancing

Staying indoors is tough

coronavirus social distancing

Photo: Twitter/@caveherra

Staying indoors is tough. Staying away from friends and family is even tougher. But we’re learning that while the coronavirus is taking away privileges that we previously took for granted in order to stop the spread of this disease, people are figuring out creative ways to stay in touch. 

Firstly, if you are sick at all, you shouldn’t be around people whatsoever. However, if you’re feeling okay, while it’s recommended not to be out and around people, we must practice social distancing. If you’re going to be around people, it’s recommended that you stay at least six feet away from them. “That’s because the virus can be transmitted between people who are in close contact with each other about a 6-foot radius,” NPR reports. 

So, how can you hang out and still practice social distancing? 

This image from @caveheraa went viral last night after she posted how a group of women decided to hang out on their driveway in Colorado. 

Some people are taking the 6-foot radius very seriously and are using broomsticks to designate how far apart people should be. Others are taking virtual hangout groups to socialize, which includes karaoke online and happy hour Google hangouts. Netflix is once again saving the day by launching a way to hang out with friends while watching TV. Here’s how it works. 

Netflix Party, which must be downloaded as a Google extension, has been around for years, but now it’s become more critical than ever. The purpose of the feature is to watch a show or movie with your friends at the same time as it “synchronizes video playback and adds group chat to your favorite Netflix shows.”

Hyperbeast explains how to do this: 

“All a user needs to do is install the free Google Chrome-exclusive extension on their browser, play a TV show or movie on Netflix, launch the extension and send the URL to individuals anywhere. The Netflix users who click on the link will automatically be redirected to the streaming service’s website, allowing people with access to the link to watch the episode or movie at the same time and talk using the real-time sidebar chat — all from the comfort of their own homes.”

So whether you’re hanging out with people with a lot of space between you, or hanging out via your laptop or smartphone, the point is that you are practicing crucial responsibility for yourself and others. 

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coronavirus social distancing
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