6 Coronavirus Prevention Tips That Help Avoid Spreading ALL Germs

Everyone is talking about the coronavirus

Photo: Unsplash/@kellysikkema

Photo: Unsplash/@kellysikkema

Everyone is talking about the coronavirus. Some people are in a panic. Others aren’t fazed. The reality is people have contracted the coronavirus — about 80,000 people — and an estimated 2,700 worldwide have died from it. As of this week, there are 53 cases in the U.S. but so far no one in the U.S. has died from the coronavirus. But keep in mind that in comparison, the flu is still much worse

According to Johns Hopkins University, an estimated 1 billion cases of the flu are reported worldwide. In the U.S. alone, 9.3 million to 45 million people are infected with the flu, and about 12,000 to 61,000 deaths are attributed to the flu. 

Yet still, it’s essential to know the latest on the coronavirus, and we’re strictly focused on what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is saying. As of now, there are strict travel restrictions in China and South Korea. There are also travel warnings in Iran, Japan, and Italy, as well as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan. 

The bottom line is people need to take care of their health, always. People need to prevent the spread of germs because contracting a cold can put you out for a week or so, and the last thing you want is to infect others with whatever you have. 

Here are some tips that will keep you healthy and those around you too. 


Wash your hands all the time! 

Did you sneeze, wipe your butt, touch your dog, hold your phone, open the door? Whatever you did today, chances are you are touching other people’s germs (unless you are a hermit). It’s imperative to wash your hands multiple times a day, even if you think you haven’t been around people. Chances are, whoever comes in and out of your home has been around people who may have a cold or, even worse, the flu. Keep your hands clean as much as possible. 


Keep your phone clean too!

We probably touch our phones more than we touch our faces, which is why science tells us that our phones are dirtier than the toilet seat! Eewww! 

There are several products that you should always keep handy in order to keep your phones clean, including microfiber cloths, tech cleaning products, and antibacterial wipes. Do a phone wipe down as much as you clean your hands because we take our phones with us everywhere (even the bathroom as much as you don’t admit to that). 


Don’t be a jerk when you sneeze or cough!

You might think that covering your mouth when you sneeze or cough is the thing to do. WRONG! You’re actually supposed to cough into your elbow because if you cough or sneeze in your hands, you are likely to spread those germs when you touch anyone or anything. So PLEASE use your elbow. It’s even better if you actually have tissues on you and can sneeze or cough into that and then dispose of it quickly. 

If you see someone cough or sneeze, try to move away from them. If you can’t cover your own mouth and nose, use a scarf, mask, or shirt, and make sure to carry antibacterial soap. 


Keep surfaces in your home clean. 

As we noted, we’re in and out of the house, touching everything, which means those germs are on the fridge handles, on counters, knobs, etc. Wipe down these areas all the time. Even if we clean our homes daily, it’s good to wipe down throughout the day if possible. 


Get these useful products. 

Whether you’re traveling, vacationing, going to school, going to work, hanging around other people. Living life! It’s useful to have these products at home at all times and in your backpack or purse. 

  • Rubbing alcohol. 
  • Wipes. 
  • Disinfectant cleaning sprays. 
  • Tissue. 
  • Immune boost vitamins (take daily)
  • The n95 respirator mask (especially if you’re traveling and for basic cautionary purposes). 
  • Antibacterial soap.

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