Power Couple Alert: Rosario Dawson and Cory Booker are Probably Dating

Update, March 15:  It’s official! Sen

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Update, March 15: 

It’s official! Sen. Cory Booker and actress Rosario Dawson are dating! Back in February CNN reported that Booker had said, “I got a boo” and that it was “somebody really special,” but never named names. Now, according to TMZ, when asked about Booker, Dawson said that she and Booker are “very much” in love. She went on to say: “I am just grateful to be with someone that I respect and love and admire so much.”


For a couple of weeks now, we’ve been hearing rumors that actress and activist Rosario Dawson and Senator Cory Booker were dating. We didn’t want to get too excited over this revelation because we didn’t want to be let down. But now it looks as if the rumor could actually be true.

The New York Post is reporting that Dawson and Booker have been dating for more than a month. The crazy thing is, they haven’t been hiding the fact that they’ve been seeing each other either. The two have been spotted all over town, from attending movies in Union Square to hitting Broadway shows like “Dear Evan Hansen” and  “Apologia.” In fact, they were first outed by a Broadway actor.

“I know I’m being a nerd right now but Senator Cory Booker and Rosario Dawson saw the show tonight while I was on,” actor Diamond Essence White tweeted a couple of weeks ago when she spotted them in the audience. “I had to leave the room because I got too star struck and started crying.”

And they’re not just hanging out, but acting very much like a couple, including holding hands!

So why are we so excited? Why are actors crying (even if it’s just that one)? Because if this romance is legit — and it looks like it is — if it lasts, do you know where this can lead???

Sen. Cory Booker is one of the most vocal Democrats in Washington. He speaks his mind and tells it like it is. He isn’t afraid of the GOPers that are corrupting Washington. Dawson is also a huge human rights activist that has done so much for the Latinx community. If these two were to say…get married at some point and, let’s just say, Booker decides to run for president in 2020 and wins. Not only would we have a cool ass president in the Washington (once again!) but we’d have a Latina in the White House too!

Okay, we are getting carried away here, so we’re just going to go for a walk and gather ourselves. But keep this in mind: with prayers, it could happen. So get to it!

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