9 Deviled Egg Creations That Look Too Good to Eat – Almost!

Deviled eggs are a great option to bring to a family event or potluck brunch

Photo: Unsplash/@vshnv_c

Photo: Unsplash/@vshnv_c

Deviled eggs are a great option to bring to a family event or potluck brunch. The ways to dress up a simple egg are endless. And just when you feel like you’ve run out of deviled egg inspiration, a simple browse through Instagram reveals the possibilities are endless. Here are nine unique and delish takes on this classic treat.

Individual servings in a Chinese spoon topped with caviar. Delish.

Brooklyn Buzz shared his favorite take on deviled eggs. Not sure if that is Sriracha or Tapatío?

I love this take on the traditional and certainly not the norm. How about pesto and beets deviled eggs?

Bloody Mary with a deviled egg garnish. YES, please!


The Tiny Tank posted this delicious photo just a day ago and it almost 1,600 likes. I want to pick one of these eggs right out of the post.

The more I explore the world of deviled eggs the more amusing it is. Did you know #eggporn has more than 197k individual posts? I am fascinated.

Smoked salmon, pickled onions with chives. The creativity with these deviled egg creations is astounding.


These eggs look very pretty, but would not recommend hydrangea as a garnish since it’s not an edible flower.

Fancy eggs are great and all, but sometimes you just want to stick to the classics.

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