This Cuban Woman Found Your Perfect Skincare Solution in Japan

Every year there seems to be a new skincare obsession or trend from cannabis beauty products to really unique facials there can be a lot to keep up with. No matter what the trend is, though, there are always a few buzz words that almost always come into play when a brand is trying to sell us it-definitely-works-skincare. AHA, BHA, glycolic, antioxidants, and collagen are just a few that come to mind. But what do we really know about any of those?

Anixia Rodriguez, the Cuban-American founder of La Sirène — a marine collagen brand — explained to us exactly what this collagen business is all about. Her brand is sustainably sourced from the Pacific Ocean where the collagen is derived from the scales of wild-caught tilapia and then brought to Japan to be converted into a powder form that can be mixed with any non-carbonated drink. That’s right, her brand believes in the power of collagen so much that they’re asking us to quite literally drink the kool-aid.

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So, what makes it worth it?  According to the brand, within just a few drinks, you’ll notice smoother, more radiate-looking skin, healthier hair and a noticeable difference of fine lines, wrinkles, and cellulite. Not to mention you’ll have a stronger immune system and feel rather detoxed, benefitting your joint, muscle, and bone health.

“In 2015 I was searching for the best marine ingredients to develop a skincare line,” Rodriguez explained when talking about why collagen became her drink of choice. “In that process, I was introduced to marine collagen supplements from Japan. My first thought was ‘does this actually work and if so, why hasn’t anyone heard of it in America?’ After doing my research on all types of collagen, reading clinical studies from Japan, visiting the factory in Japan and, of course, testing out the product for months on myself, I was quickly hooked. When I saw the positive effect marine collagen had on my entire body, I knew that I needed to develop a line of ingestible beauty supplements and share this beauty secret with the world. Soon after, La Sirène was born.”

Bottom line, Rodriguez herself tried Japanese supplements and witnessed a change. And unlike topical collagen, she discovered that marine collagen is the real deal.

“Marine collagen has superior bioavailability over all other types of collagen due to their smaller particle sizes, it is absorbed up to 1.5x more efficiently in the body – making it more effective,” she explains. “Marine collagen is also a type 1 collagen, which is the most abundant collagen protein in the human body – known best for being the foundation for beautiful skin, sturdy bones, and strong connective tissues.”

La Sirène is also made in Japan because there, collagen has been an ancient beauty secret for centuries – their quality and process for hydrolyzing collagen is unmatched.

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The other trick that makes Japanese marine collagen more ideal than the type you may find in a topical product is that the process of drinking it leads to drastically improved results.

“When using a product topically, it only targets the specific area you apply it on and it mainly affects only your epidermis (top layer of skin),” Rodriguez breaks down. “When ingesting collagen, it helps rebuild your collagen and elastin levels throughout your entire body. Repairing not only the dermis of your skin but also your nails, hair, bones, joints, muscles and digestive system. Results are also proven to last longer when taking collagen orally. When ingesting collagen, it is absorbed via the digestive system and into the bloodstream to be delivered throughout the body – the same way as the nutrients from food. ”

So how does it work?

Depending upon your age, you should consume 1 to 2 packets of collagen per day. Also, make sure you consume collagen sold in individual dosage packets, versus a tub of the powder to guarantee the perfect serving and product freshness. When collagen is packaged in a tub or pouch, it begins to lose its freshness the moment it is opened – shortening its shelf life and making it less efficient.

La Sirène can be purchased at,, and

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