Daddy Yankee Opens Reggaeton Pop-Up Museum in Puerto Rico

Daddy Yankee, a staple of Latin music, is putting his name on a piece of history

Daddy Yankee Opens Reggaeton Pop-Up Museum in Puerto Rico

Photo: Instagram/daddyyankee

Daddy Yankee, a staple of Latin music, is putting his name on a piece of history. The reggaeton star opened up a museum that is dedicated to the history of reggaeton music and his legacy. Last week, the 42-year-old rapper announced on Instagram that he opened the Daddy Yankee El Jefe Museum in Plaza Las Américas, a mall located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The museum entrance is also free of charge.

“Walk step by step, my life, my career, and the history of reggaeton through my eyes, from 1991 to 2019,” he wrote on Instagram. The star says that The Daddy Yankee El Jefe Museum is the first museum in the world that tells part of the history of reggaeton. While we think this idea is genius, the museum is technically a pop-up museum because it’s open now until January. So that doesn’t leave us a lot of time to get to Puerto Rico.

Despite the short run, the museum looks to be quite the achievement for the rapper. The museum is spacious at 8,000 square feet. It holds a ton of Daddy Yankee memorabilia, including pictures of him when he was a kid, lots of clothing, and great music videos. One of the things we love about it the most is that Daddy Yankee made his museum a family experience. There’s an interactive portion of the museum that allows visitors to experience what it’s like to be a reggaeton star by enabling them to get into a studio and sing one of Daddy Yankee’s hits.

“Fans will have the unique opportunity to travel on a historical journey through the artist’s life through a retrospective exhibition of his career,” the museum stated on social media. “Daddy Yankee’s Barrio Fino album turned 15 this year, and a new museum celebrates the rich history of an icon that, with its music, has revolutionized culture throughout the world.”

According to organizers, the exhibit recreates the history of Daddy Yankee’s life in chronological order by recreating part of his neighborhood with set design, important moments of his career and his music, exclusive interviews for the museum, awards, costumes for the artist of “unique moments in his career and in the history of the urban genre, and even the events that have led him to be an icon of music throughout the world.”

With that kind of legacy, we are hoping this exhibition makes its way to the main island. It would fit well in New York City.

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