Daisy Marquez on Finding Inspo in Selena and Her New Morphe Launch

Let’s be real – there’s nothing better than thick, luscious eyelashes

Daisy Marquez Morphe Cosmetics

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Let’s be real – there’s nothing better than thick, luscious eyelashes. Unfortunately, we can’t all be like Natti Natasha and bring a glam team with us wherever we go. Thankfully, Morphe Cosmetics is teaming up with one of our fave Latina influencers, Daisy Marquez, to bring us a volumizing mascara and lash primer that will make it easy to feel fab at any time.

Now the “I woke up like this” glow may be easy for some to achieve, but for others, it’s not. Still, we deserve to flaunt what we’ve got without going to the esthetician every month, and that’s why Daisy Marquez is such a gem. She consistently wows her millions of Instagram and Youtube followers (aka her “Flowers”) with dynamic makeup tutorials. Let’s say Marquez knows her stuff.

“I first got into makeup in high school when I joined the drill team,” says Daisy. “We would do our makeup for football games, and over time, as I practiced, I got better with my makeup skills.” She also opened up about how Selena Quintanilla has always been a huge makeup inspiration in her life, especially for that iconic red lip (same girl, same).


When we asked her about which celebrity she would love to glam up, she tells us JLo without hesitation. Who wouldn’t want to do the makeup of one of the most glamourous women in the world?

Although makeup makes women feel beautiful, it’s important to remember that confidence comes from within, and its important to not compare yourself to anyone else.

“Comparing yourself to an influencer or anyone, in general, is never healthy because everyone’s paths are different,” says Daisy. “It’s very important to feel confident in yourself because it allows you to mold yourself into the person you want to be without having the need to compare yourself to anyone else.”

One of the most fun parts about putting on makeup is that it can give you tons of confidence and let you play with all different kinds of looks. Daisy is mostly self-taught, saying she works on her makeup skills by watching other vloggers and trying new skills and looks out on herself! “It’s 50/50,” she tells HipLatina, “I have learned new skills by watching tutorials and also just by practicing and experimenting on myself.” So what are her absolutely must-haves for her makeup bag? Morphe’s Make It Big Mascara (duh), eyebrow gel, and lip gloss.

At the end of the day, though, Marquez is most thankful for the continued support of her “Flowers,” and she is excited to be the newest addition to the Morphe fam.

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