5 Stories of Toxic Wedding Guests And What to Do About It

When it comes to wedding guests, most of us are lucky to be surrounded by family and friends that love us

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When it comes to wedding guests, most of us are lucky to be surrounded by family and friends that love us. But when weddings are involved, we also know that there is bound to be drama. It’s not usually intentional but it happens. From people getting way too drunk, to someone wearing the wrong thing, to in-laws that go overboard, these five stories we’ve collected are absolutely horrifying. But that’s okay, because there IS something you can do when toxic wedding guests show up at YOUR special day.

According to OffBeatBride, there’s a few things you need to keep in mind when planning your wedding and assessing if you are in danger of inviting a toxic guest: One, you should trust your gut… and talk with your hubby. Each of you might have concerns about certain people, and you’ll want to compare notes. Then, discuss how far someone would need to go in order for you to ask that person to leave. If there are particular people you’re afraid of making a scene, engage in some of your wedding party to watch over them and intervene if necessary. Last but not least, don’t be afraid to uninvite someone if they show bad behavior even BEFORE the wedding and don’t seem to be changing their ways. You’ll learn why after you read these five real-life stories of brides dealing with toxic guests.


1. The guest who picks a fight with everyone.

“At my friend’s wedding, a family friend of the groom got drunk, picked a fight with the mother of the bride, and then punched her in the face and broke her nose. The wedding ended with the bride and mother riding off in an ambulance and the groom’s friend getting arrested. The same guest also cornered my husband earlier in the night and told him, “No homo shit, bro, but with that hair you could get any girl here you wanted.” To be fair, my husband does have amazing hair.”


2. The family member who doesn’t respect your religious choices.

“My aunt marched up to me in the receiving line and huffily declared that my brand new marriage was going to fail because there was no mention of God in our ceremony.”

“My mother-in-law gave us inspirational Christian gifts… I’m Jewish.”


3. The mother-in-law who goes overboard and gets uninvited.

“I have a literal monster-in-law. My husband is her ‘precious baby boy,’ who can do no wrong in her eyes. So when we got pregnant before the wedding, she had a fit. She’s an alcoholic, and she actually called my mom and was so angry that I took advantage of her son and was only after his money. It turned into a HUGE fight. We decided she wasn’t allowed to our wedding. We ended up going to the courthouse and it was nice! Thank God he’s not a mama’s boy. It was his idea not to invite her at all.”


4. The inappropriate guest who hits on everyone.

“My sister’s abusive boyfriend not only fought with her at my wedding, but also hit on one of my best friends. Mind you, this is my older sister… her boyfriend was older than her… and my friend was younger than me. Creepy and weird.”


5. The father-in-law who has to always be right.

“My husband told me AFTER the big day that his dad gave him shit on the morning on our wedding. His dad supplied the wine and, when he showed up, he asked my husband where to put it. My husband went to get our Venue Coordinator, who was stuck in a meeting, but somehow his dad misinterpreted the situated and got annoyed. He went to start berating my husband, ON THE MORNING OF HIS WEDDING, and my husband said ‘I don’t need a lecture right now’ and luckily he shut up.”

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