The December 2019 Full Moon in Gemini Will Test Your Self-Worth

The Cold Moon on December 12th isn’t your average basic moon

The December 2019 Full Moon in Gemini Will Test Your Self-Worth

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The Cold Moon on December 12th isn’t your average basic moon. It will bring a cold chill in every sense of the word. Be ready to be vulnerable, face your insecurities, and practice self-love so hard!  Questioning those emo feelings? What you’re experiencing is not sus, it’s definitely very real, as we close out this final full moon of 2019 and wearily drag our feet into the end of year solar eclipse on December 26th.

Full moons do this thing where la luna illuminates what we’ve hidden. Otherwise known as an opportunity to work through behaviors and patterns that require either abolishment or reworking. The beauty of every lunar phase we undergo – no matter how challenging or comfortable – is the fact that there is always free will at play. You always have the opportunity to decide how you want to work alongside your destiny.

December 12th is a major day in terms of Numerology and the 1212 portal that is open for activation. This is the number sequence of action, balance, duality, independence yet, partnerships. This portal complements the Gemini energy. Gemini is the sign of the twins. Ruled by Mercury, expect this to be an expressive full moon. The talk will be cheap. You will talk the talk and realize if you’ve been walking the walk.

This moon’s energy will highlight areas in your life you feel you need to see more success achieved. This can be somewhat of self-loathing energy. Equally, it can be productive energy when handled with delicate affirmative loving words you weave into your self-talk. The self-critic within will come out to play.

In a lighthearted tone, we have Sagittarius influencing this moon. With the Sun in Sagittarius, you’ll be in such an inspired and spiritual phase during this time and inspired to do more in your life. You’ll be spiritually inclined to want to be an overall team player, and bring more value to the stage you’re standing on.

With Jupiter, Pluto, Venus, Saturn, and the South Node sitting pretty in Capricorn, there’s no doubt this Cold Moon is heavily influenced by Capricornian energy. Good or bad? It depends on who you ask. Capricorn’s energy will allow you to question your perception of self-worth. Pluto’s power struggle will force this regurgitation of everything you’ve buried that has ever made you feel unworthy. Where do your insecurities lie in terms of your self-image? Capricorn is diligent and stern. There’s no room for slip-ups, cold and sometimes unforgiving. Yet, when you transmute these self-actualizations, Capricorn can be one of the most spiritually uplifting energies you can honor. How have you treated yourself poorly when feeling as if you don’t have it all together? The pressure for perfection is trill, y’all. This is an intense combination of planets in Capricorn conjunct with this Gemini full moon.

Be easy on yourself. This will be a full moon largely based on your own perception of reality. How would you describe your sense of self? You might spend your time retracing your achievements and trying to analyze how worthy you are based on accolades, Instagram likes, and anything else you put heavy emphasis on. Are you on a trajectory towards fulfillment? Maybe not as quickly as you anticipated? The reality is, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Your time could be better spent this full moon by cultivating healthy habits that allow productive growth. The illusions of the shadow work that will arise this full moon can manifest as this tunnel vision due to the 1 vibration. Tap into your 2 vibration, the twin energy of Gemini. How can you work in tandem with someone to assist you with reaching that goal? How can you improve with the help of others? Communicating and expressing your shortcomings can be an opportunity for powerful growth.

Insecurities are never fun to face. Often times, you can feel alone and misunderstood when presented with the very things that point out your flaws. Chances are, you’re not the only one dealing with that insecurity. There are so many people out there who have thrived through those very same obstacles. This is a full moon to come to terms with the loving understanding that you don’t have to do it all alone. You don’t have to have it all figured out.

Your self-imposed definition of what makes you unsuccessful isn’t who you are. You are worthy. You are full of gratitude. You are full of opportunities. What success looks like to you is different from what success looks like to someone else, and that’s okay.

A social media detox could be a powerful full moon ritual this go around. Allow yourself the opportunity to list out all the amazing qualities you embody, aside from the physical. You can be successful as a solid friend who offers amazing advice. You can be successful by realizing you’re an empathetic being who practices emotional intelligence in all of your relationships. You can be successful in abstract ways and you don’t need society’s permission for that.

Be kind to yourself during this time. If this full moon triggers you, please reach out to your family, friends, community or support group. There’s always someone willing to listen, hug and offer up a good laugh.

May you manifest wisely.

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