Demi Lovato & Christina Aguilera Will Perform New Song ‘Fall in Line’ at Billboard Music Awards

It looks like this year’s Billboard Music Awards on May 20 is going to be a real treat

Photo: Instagram/@brunocervera

Photo: Instagram/@brunocervera

It looks like this year’s Billboard Music Awards on May 20 is going to be a real treat. Turns out Demi Lovato will be performing alongside her idol Christina Aguilera and I could not be more excited. These two musical icons will be joining forces on the stage and you already know it’s going to be sick!

The two announced on their social media accounts on Tuesday (May 8) that they will be debuting their collaborated duo “Fall In Line” during their performance. In fact, they’ve been teasing this duo for weeks now. The song will also appear on Aguilera’s forthcoming album Liberation—which has me SO hyped—and comes out June 15.

I even love the way the two announced it on social too. Aguilera shared a black and white photo of Lovato with a simple caption that read: May 20th. @BBMAs. @ddlovato. #FallInLine. And Lovato shared a black and white photo of Aguilera using the same caption. Shortly after the announcement, Lovato tweeted: Dreams really do come true guys. Just work hard, practice and never give up!!!!!”How sweet is that?

Considering how strong and powerful both Aguilera and Lovato’s vocals are, I’m of course expecting these two powerhouses to shut that show down with their dynamic performance. In fact, I’m expecting—and also hoping—it winds up becoming one of the biggest highlights and talked about moments of the night. I guess we have to just hang tight and find out!

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