This Is the Cute Way Demi Lovato Might Be Going After Superman

Demi Lovato wants a date with Superman

Photo: Wikimedia/Flickr/marcen27

Photo: Wikimedia/Flickr/marcen27

Demi Lovato wants a date with Superman. Maybe. Possibly. Well, the internet thinks so anyway — and it’s not the fictional Superman but the guy who plays him on the big screen, Henry Cavill. Here’s how the flirtatious went down via Instagram, and we’ve got the receipts!

Within a matter of seconds, Demi liked two of Henry’s pictures, then she posted a super revealing picture of herself where she looks AMAZING. Then she started following him on Instagram. GAHHHHH!

Here’s how some people are responding to Demi’s go get em’ attitude.

Demi dated Wilmer Valderama for years before they broke up not too long ago, so we’re so ready for her to be out on the social scene. So we’re all about her scoring for a date by any means necessary. Get him, girl!

We will stay on top of this and let you know if her strategic moves worked.

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