Everything You Need to Know About the DevaCurl Lawsuit

Thanks to the natural hair movement, more and more women have in recent years been embracing their natural curls instead of straightening them with the help of hot tools and chemical straighteners. This movement has been significant for brown and black women, who for centuries have been told our natural hair wasn’t beautiful enough. In fact, one of the brands that’s been there with us since the beginning is DevaCurl, known for both their products — their No-Poo cleanser especially — and their famous Deva Cuts. But the popular brand is now facing a class-action lawsuit after a number of curly-haired women — influencers included — have complained about the products resulting in alleged hair loss.

The backlash from influencers and customers speaking out about their alleged hair loss and scalp damage experiences they claim were a result of DevaCurl products, started going viral sometime in late January. DevaCurl has since released two public statements, standing by its initial claim that no safety issues have been found with the existing formulas after additional testing. But recently they announced that they are recruiting industry professionals and customers to be part of their “Professional Curl Care Council” to really get behind what’s going on. A lot has gone down since the accusations went viral so we decided to break it all down for you in a few points — check it out!




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