Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Larry D. Moore

Diane Guerrero Is Working On Getting A Smithsonian American Latino Museum Opened

Actress Diane Guerrero has been tapped to join a group of lawmakers to make sure a Smithsonian American Latino Museum gets made. “The Orange Is The New Black” star, along with several bipartisan lawmakers introduced a bill on Thursday that pushes for approval of a Smithsonian National American Latino Museum on the National Mall.

“Latinos and Latinas have contributed to every aspect of the history of the United States,” Guerrero said according to The Hill. “We’re really angry. Where’s the Latino museum? Where’s our history? Where can we go with our friends, with our family, to learn about our history?” said Guerrero.


Guerrero has been at the forefront of Latino political issues ever since she opened up about her family’s ordeals including the deportation of her Colombian parents when she was 14.

Latinos have been advocating for a the creation of a Smithsonian American Latino Museum since 2004. Some of the reasons the museum has yet to be approved is mostly due to logistics like zoning and funding.

“We are already in the process of negotiating with high net-worth donors, with a lot of corporations and individuals who care deeply about this effort, those discussions are ongoing. The challenge had been in the past not having a bill that we could turn to,” Danny Vargas, chairman of the board of directors of the Friends of the National Museum of the American Latino, said according to The Hill. “There’s a lot to be said for the efforts of the Smithsonian and what they’ve done to collect donors for the African-American museum as well.”

Actress Eva Longoria Baston has also been a longtime advocate of the American Latino Museum along with Rita Moreno and Prince Royce.

Would you want to see a historical museum dedicated to Latinos? Click here for more information on the American Latino Museum and how you can help.