Earthquake Hits LA & It Feels Like the End of the World

There’s nothing worse than being woken up by an earthquake

pocoima earthquake

Photo: Twitter/@lastquake

There’s nothing worse than being woken up by an earthquake. But that’s exactly what happened this morning just north of Los Angeles. A 4.2 quake, centered in Pacoima — about 23 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles — struck this morning at around 4:30 a.m. You know, just about the time you’re knee-deep in a second dream. But pretty much everyone in the LA area felt this one:

The United States Geological Survey originally said that the earthquake was a 4.5 but then downgraded it to a 4.2, according to CNN. But if you ask Twitter, the earthquake means two different things to people: it’s either “the big one” or “I’m going back to bed.”

Here are our favorite earthquake tweets:

We are all Will Smith right now.

“me thinking it was a 9.0 #earthquake to go on Twitter to find out it was a 4.5.” 

“There are two types of Los Angelenos during an #earthquake: The “f*ck was that” and the “am I dead” 

Normally an earthquake, while it can feel like the end of the world, is a common occurrence in California. However, under the current 2020 circumstances: COVID-19, Trump’s more insane than ever, economy is a disaster, we don’t need the earth to be shaking. 

We just can’t catch a break.

“Us begging 2020 for a crumb of mercy #earthquake” our sentiments exactly.”

Blame it on the San Andreas.

“I am tired yet San Andreas fault started popping and locking, bitch its 4am go the hell to sleep. You ain’t paying no Bills to be keeping me awake. #earthquake.” 

There’s no way you’re going back to bed now.

“Me in my bed waiting for the big one to hit so I can go back to sleep #earthquake

Just ride it out.

Or get the f*ck out of bed.

Hey, when you need an excuse to text your ex, an earthquake is a good a time as any.

“damn that earthquake was big no cap. sorta reminded me of how you shook my world. maybe this was a sign to text you. anyways hope you n the fam are doing good text me if anything.” 

Put some pants on!

Let this be a reminder, if you live in California, never go to sleep in the nude or in your undies because you will be exposed in the middle of the night when that quake starts up. 

And to those on the East Coast, we know how you’re feeling:

“Me: living happily on the east coast, waiting for the big one. #earthquake”

Yes, but just you wait, your armageddon is coming soon. 

And since we’re all sheltering-in-place (AS YOU SHOULD BE), remember to keep your good in check. 

“Me saving all my valuables during this #Earthquake…”

Because no one is going back to the liquor store anytime soon. Now go back to bed!

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