6 Earthy Cocktails to Kickoff Spring and Earth Day

 With spring finally here, it’s time to embrace all the things that we love about it. The weather, new wardrobe, and of course, the spring cleaning! #JustKidding. Let’s forget about the spring cleaning and talk about something more fun to start the season. #SpringCocktails. Inspired by the flowers blooming outside and Earth Day on April 22, we’re bringing you six cocktails with a fun earthy twist.

Earthy Cocktail with Kale

Jolly Green Machine

Sí se puede… mix kale and cocktails! It was just Cesar Chavez Day, and while he might not have had mixology on the mind, I think the slogan still applies. This concoction from Napa Valley Grille shows that the kale and alcohol mix together flawlessly. I have a feeling that the gin cancels out all of kale’s health benefits, but let’s ignore that for a second. *Starts filling blender* If I’m going to have a drink anyway, I might as well at least pretend to be healthy!




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